one direction preferences

Five boys have changed my life over the last 4 years here is how I'm giving back to everyone I have met during this experience


1. #1 leaving your phone in his hands


He changes all the names of your contacts forcing you to text everyone to ask for their names to replace them all.   Liam: Leaves cute little text messages usually to express his love for you in pictures, captions, messages and notes.   Niall:  He prank calls all your contacts which leaves you to explain to the victims on your behalf, not so fun for you.   Zayn: He filled your phone with selfies. Sometimes he will even send one he particularly likes to his own phone. Wait for the eye roll. *rolls eyes*   Harry: He sexts every male on your contact list even though its not so funny once they find out it's Harry who did it.


who like the first chappie remember to be you love ya bye

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