Meet Carliegh Caylen. Known for being JC Caylen's sister. That's life as she knows it... Flashing lights, Screaming fans, and paparazzi. When she meets the blue eyed hunk will she find a way to be a normal teenager? Will they're love be broken apart by the fame? Or will love be just another shout in the void?


2. Living with JC

Carliegh's P.O.V:

I woke up this morning to a loud buzz coming from JC's room... I look at my clock to see that it was 7:45! What the heck why would he be up by now?! Ughhh I hate waking up early!

I get up in my nice old plaid pj shorts and my small little white tank top. I decided to go to JC's room to see what that was all about. Guess what I saw JC sitting on his bed with Wishbone in his hands making a YouTube video.

JC's P.O.V:

Thanks a lot Carliegh for interrupting my video. " Oh guys look it my lovely sister Carliegh" I say into the camera. I was live, and I could tell she was ticked off. I quickly try to wrap up my video of q&a... And so forth I told them that I was doing a collab with my friends Nash, Kian, and Carter.

Little did I know was that Carliegh didn't know about Nash or Carter. Well sure she saw them on vine and all that but she had never met them. This make me excited... Wanna know why? Well it's because Nash and I were talking and he had said he saw her on YouTube and vine... And she was hot! Well it's fun for me because he's coming to visit for the whole year! All of them are because we were going to start working on a TV show "the life of Internet stars". Carliegh gets to appear in it since she is obviously a part of my life. Which is not the best thing in the world.

Carliegh's P.O.V:

Great little did I know was that I would be appearing in that reality TV show "the life of internet stars". To add a cherry to that sundae is that Nash Grier, Kian Lawley, and Carter Reynolds some of JC's friend ms are coming to stay with us in our tiny apartment for a year... All because of that stupid show.

"By the way Jordan I would get dressed because the boys should be here any minuet" JC tells me. Ughhh OMG what the crap JC you could have told me, so I have a chance to shower and get ready!

I turn and run out the door and run into my bathroom. I have to take the quickest shower in man kind! I jump in the shower just to find out that I forgot a towel! Great now I have to wear my pjs with out my bra or underwear all the way across the steps and into my room without anybody looking. I jump out of the shower and throw on my pjs and make a dash for it. Just of my luck I'm not paying attention and I run into a tall boy with dreamy blue eyes.

"Hey I'm Nash Grier" he said... Getting up and covering up my chest I shake his hand and say I'm Carliegh Caylen. He awkwardly moved out of the way so I can run to my room to change! I wanted to look good of course on my first day meeting them so what I wore was a vineyard vines tank top but I made adjustments to it. I cut it in the back and like rolled the little strands. I wore jean shorts with my teal vans. I just put my hair in a messy bun because I didn't feel like messing with it!

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