Meet Carliegh Caylen. Known for being JC Caylen's sister. That's life as she knows it... Flashing lights, Screaming fans, and paparazzi. When she meets the blue eyed hunk will she find a way to be a normal teenager? Will they're love be broken apart by the fame? Or will love be just another shout in the void?


3. Cookout

Nash's P.O.V:

I was going up stairs to set my bags down in JC's room. When I was walking back down the hall to down stairs when his sister Carliegh runs out of the bathroom in her pjs. She obviously wasn't paying attention because she ran right into me. Man was she beautiful!

When she finally came downstairs she was in this vineyard vines shirt... It looked like she had cut it to make the sleeves cute and filled like a tank top. She was wearing jean shorts along with it with some vans that I really liked.

Carliegh's P.O.V:

When I had came down stairs I had to admit I was looking pretty decent. Anyways when I had gotten down stairs the boys were all piled up on our couch watching a football game. I had noticed JC wasn't there. I walked into the kitchen to find out he wasn't in there everywhere.

I eventually had to ask the guys where he went. Nash quickly spoke up to tell me that he had ran to the store and to tell me to start the grill out on our little deck because we were cooking out. It made me blush a little... I was also laughing because we live in an apartment and he is trying to cookout on that tiny deck we have!

I went outside to start the grill. I was quickly followed by Kian. I turned to see that he was on the phone with his girlfriend Andrea Russet. I just sat there and listened . I would chuckle once in a while if they would say something romantic. Once he hung up I had to say something about being Mr. Smooth Operator. He chuckled and told me he had to be romantic or she wouldn't be romantic. I felt awkward at that moment because I was slightly confused. He put that in an uncommon way of saying, if I don't scratch her back she won't scratch mine.

I could already tell that Kian was my new bff.

Nash's P.O.V:

Kian and Carliegh were outside talking for about 15 minuets. I was suspicious on what was going on, Kian knows that I already called dibs on her. Plus he would practically cheating on Andrea if him and Carliegh had a thing. They kept talking and it was fluttering me. Man I wish JC would hurry up so I have am excuse to go out there and interrupt them.

JC wasn't back yet and they were out there for half an hour. I couldn't take it anymore jealousy was rushing through my veins like a volcano just erupted inside my body. I walked out there and calmly said hey I'm Nash I kinda caught you at a bad time last time. Carliegh blushed crazily. Then that snowballed into me turning into a big fat tomato. Gosh why was she so attractive.

Carliegh's P.O.V:

Nash came outside and introduced himself correctly. He said he caught me at a bad time last time. He was darn right he caught me when I was running to my room indecent. When he said that I felt like all my blood rushed to my cheeks. Man his eyes were so blue and icy.

We had a conversation on life and we talked a little bit about our selves. About 10 minuets into our conversation JC comes out onto the deck and tells me to move out of the way so he can put the burgers and hotdogs on the grill. Woah you can calm it down I piped up and said to him as he pushed by me. JC chuckled.

JC's P.O.V:

I come home to see Nash and Carliegh flirting on the deck. I had to laugh because they were awkwardly staring at each other talking I mean take a seat or at least not stand completely straight. Enough is enough I mean I leave the house for an hour and Carliegh already has a boyfriend. Duh I pick on her and drive her crazy but I'm also that over protective brother. I never have been fond of Carliegh dating... I mean she complains "Oh come on JC your dating Leah, that's not fair"

Total honesty she can date it's not my decision but I also don't support dating. Right now I'm not feeling anger to them to. I actually want them together. Wow I have never ever had that thought, of wanting Carliegh to date somebody! What's happening to me. All of a sudden I hear a bird sound coming from somebody's phone.

It was Carliegh and Nash's phone somebody tagged them in a tweet. They both open it and start to blush crazily.

Carliegh's P.O.V:

I look at the tweet Carter tagged me in, and just of my luck... He took a picture of me and Nash standing out on the deck talking. They comment said " Who ships Carliegh and Nash? #Carsh"

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