Meet Carliegh Caylen. Known for being JC Caylen's sister. That's life as she knows it... Flashing lights, Screaming fans, and paparazzi. When she meets the blue eyed hunk will she find a way to be a normal teenager? Will they're love be broken apart by the fame? Or will love be just another shout in the void?


4. Boys thoughts on Carliegh

Kian's P.O.V:

All I know is that we made a deal the boys and I... Well actually just the boys because I'm actually committed to somebody. They made a promise that they won't let a girl get in the way of their careers and let them interfere with our friendship.

All of us has stuck to that promise but one! Nash! He had known Carliegh for one day and he's already drooling when she walks by. I can tell she likes him but she's a tough but to crack like a pistachio.

Nash's P.O.V:

I'm practically tripping over my own feet when Carliegh walks by. I mean I'm head over heels for her. She is stubborn, sarcastic, funny, gentle, sweet, and all around perfect. She's just so hard to decipher.

She plays hard to get and it makes it hard to flirt. None the less she's so attractive when she plays hard to get.

Carter's P.O.V:

I can't exactly say anything because I am dating Maggie. I will admit Carliegh is a pretty cool gal. Wow I just said gal! She's very down to earth. She actually reminds me of a girl version of Nash.

Actually who else ships Carsh? I know I do I mean how do you know ship Carliegh Caylen and Nash Grier?

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