friends for life zayn fan fic

it is all about friendship and how important it is to have friends


1. new schol year

it was a early morning for zayn he was starting a new school this year he wasn't happy  he wanted  to stay with one d but he wanted some education though saw he decided to go back to school he got dressed  and left for school he arrived at school the whole school was looking at him  these boys went  up to  him and touched his hair hey it takes me hours to do m hair they laughed at him what are you laughing at. hey you new student n fighting but miss it was them their touching my hair saw doesn't matter  go and sit somewhere else then . fine he got up the boys flowed him miss their flowing me who told you to talk. this guy come in with his skate board and pulled zayn on the skate board all  the other kids laughed hey what do you think your doing trying to save you from getting into trouble  oh thanks  bro. I'm zany I can tell you my name  he took of his hoddie I'm James  nice t meet you zayn   if you want you can d your hair again looking at zayn trying t fix his hair I have some gel one second and got it out of his rucksack hear you go thanks James. and did his hair. I like your look  its really cool. thanks James can we be friends James yes of course we can sit next to me hear ok then good morning class the boys who laughed at him ran and pushed zayn on the floor hey leave him alone and helped zayn get up  at least he's nice and wouldn't hurt anyone they laughed jams your in detention but miss its them you to zayn  . at least where their together why do you think I said that he laughed.   the bell rang  all the kids cheered they all got up listen I have to go home now zayn just don't let anyone make fun of you ok I wont now your in trouble zayn no ne is hear to save you . they pushed zayn on the floor you think your saw col because you was in one direction well your not morning is everything ok hear no their bullying me well get use to it  then zayn end of part 1

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