English Love Affair

Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford are on their world tour as 5 Seconds Of Summer. During their trip through Europe, the band had a 2 week break in London to rest and meet with their producers.
Darcey James is an 18 year old university student studying music and fine art. After having many heart breaks in her love life, she aims to stay as far away from the male gender as possible. But when she meets the boys of 5sos and becomes intertwined in a love triangle, how far away can she stay?


2. Eventful shift at work

It was a really cold September morning in London, and for the first time in a while Starbucks was completely empty (except the odd man sitting and reading alone). I woke up so late that morning leaving me no time to make full effort with my appearance. I was forced to leave my long ombré hair natural and wavy and my face foundation free. I wasn't too worried about my face though because my skin was thankfully clear (for once) so I didn't bother with any concealer, just the odd stroke of mascara as I wasn't going to be impressing anyone at work.

Liz and I were just gossiping about some girls at Uni from our music class and how crap they were in the previous lesson, totally oblivious to anyone in the coffee shop. I had my back against the counter with my left hand leaning against it for support. Then Liz suddenly stopped talking and shyly shuffled away and pretended she was working. Leaving me confused and still stood with my back turned away from the door, I had no clue what she was doing. A strong hand touched mine and I jumped with fright.

"Umm should I make the coffee myself or are you too busy talking about 'Eve from music class'?".

I completely froze; it wasn't a voice I recognised as it had an Australian twang, so I was slightly scared to turn around. I turned to see Liz's reaction to see what she thought of the boy but she was basically hiding around the corner, a shy girl move that she does every time someone hot shows up. I knew that this would just be a repeat situation of every attractive customer that enters the shop so I was prepared for the usual. I would serve them, check them out to see if they were good enough and attempt to get their number for Liz to date. It had been the same routine for the whole year that we've both worked here. I turned around abruptly whipping my hair as I spun.

"Yeah sorry, what can I get you today?" I asked with a sarcastic tone to my voice.

Looking at the 4 boys that stood on the other side of the counter made me really regret not making an effort with my makeup that morning. They were all in cute and comfy jumpers and black extremely tight jeans that were perfectly ripped at the knee. I found myself creepily checking them all out and staring at them for way too long so I quickly looked away.

They all stated their orders one by one, the dark haired chinese looking one ordered a hot chocolate, as did the unique, cute looking, vibrant haired one. The curly haired one with glasses ordered a latte. The most attractive one was last which I was secretly glad about because it meant that I got to stare at him for longer.

"Iced peach lemonade please". The cute boy finally said, seductively biting on his lip ring.

I frowned at his order.

"What's with the look, Darcey?"

I jumped and raised one eyebrow in shock. They way that my name sounded in his accent melted my heart, it was so sexy. But I was so shocked at how he knew my name.

"...How do you know my name?". Just as I asked this he pointed to my name tag and I felt so stupid, my cheeks started to flush rosy pink out of embarrassment, I looked down at the order attempting to hide my face.

"Are you sure you want a cold drink on a day like this?" I exclaimed to the cute boy that was now alone as the rest of his friends had gone to sit at a table not too far away.

"Got a problem?" he winked.

I rolled my eyes and started making the drinks. I had just made 1 of the hot chocolates not forgetting the marshmallows the Asian one specifically ordered. I then looked back at the counter and the really tall handsome one was still stood there.

Peering over the coffee appliances I was trying to sus out what sort of boy he was. The way he just leaned all bad ass against the counter with no care in the world. He was definitely a player. Of course, he had to be, he was wearing a Nirvana T-shirt and leather jacket and totally worn out vans. I bet every girl falls for him, with his perfect blonde hair and amazing blue eyes no girl can resist that, well besides me as I am completely done with boys messing with my heart.

"I am bringing the drinks to you? You can go sit down" I said abruptly, and pointed towards the table all of his friends were sat at.

Whilst saying that I looked over and the rest of the boys were watching and staring eagerly, then they all laughed and one of them had the cutest little school girl laugh that was adorable but I couldn't make out who it came from.

"I'm Luke." He said whilst adjusting his hair obviously trying his best to look hot.

"Great". I said rudely. He smirked and giggled to himself. He leant up off the counter and strolled over to the table.

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