English Love Affair

Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford are on their world tour as 5 Seconds Of Summer. During their trip through Europe, the band had a 2 week break in London to rest and meet with their producers.
Darcey James is an 18 year old university student studying music and fine art. After having many heart breaks in her love life, she aims to stay as far away from the male gender as possible. But when she meets the boys of 5sos and becomes intertwined in a love triangle, how far away can she stay?


1. Darcey James

I'm afraid of getting too close, falling in love too fast, trusting too much and expecting too much of the wrong person. I'm also very used to having my heart broken 24/7 because I have fallen for the wrong boys that just find ways to take advantage of me because I'm 'broken'.

But I'm not having it anymore, having my heart crushed over and over stops NOW! I've decided to take control of my feelings and protect myself for once. I've built a wall preventing any males from hurting me again.

Being an 18 year old music student and an outcast isn't much fun. I'm kind of a loner but I guess I prefer it. My years at high school have taught me so much but mainly that popularity is completely overrated. Society now-a days is a cruel place to be. Hence why during my time though university I've tried very hard to distance myself and focus on me.

I currently work at Starbucks on Oxford street in London with my best friend Liz. We hate it but it pays our apartment rent.

I couldn't wait to move out with Liz, don't get me wrong I love my mum it's just ever since she married my step-dad, home life has been different. He's changed her for the worse. And being an only child just made the situation worse. I was always victimised and lonely and the sad thing was, my mothers happiness clouded her vision of mine. She couldn't see that I was dying inside.

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