Olivia Louis Hemmings

Hi I am Olivia Louise Hemmings yeah I know what you're thinking being Luke Hemmings sister is great well it's not I haven't seen my dead beat brother since I was 14 that was 3 years ago with no text no calls no nothing so he is no longer in my life....... So I think.


2. chapter two

'Flash back'

'"Why do you have to leave Luke” I screamed at Luke as he was getting into the car and my dad was restraining me from running to the car "I need to Olivia so get over it" he said getting annoyed "I thought you loved us" I said with tears streaming down my face "I do Olivia" he said raising his voice a little which kind scared me. "You sure don't act like it" I mumbled to my self hoping he wouldn't hear but he did "bye Olivia" he said shutting the door and driving off'"

That was 5 years ago and I haven't heard from him since and do be honest don't want other wise shit will go down, anyways in now on the way to see Tippy, Megan, Ash, Jaz, spud(Eric) and Hazza.

"Here my bitches" I yelled as I walked into Harry's house, I dropped my shut and sat on harry getting a oomph from him and no we are not in a relationship what so ever and We never will be. I hugged Caitlin then Megan then Harry. I was talking to Caitlin when my phone started ringing with a no caller I.D so i answered it

O- hello, who are you and what do you want?

U- well hello to you to

O- I said what do you want

U- well it's your brother and you are picking me and my band up

O- I don't have a brother anymore and no I'm not your bitch

U- please livbear

O- don't call me that only people I love can call me that and I don't love you

U- please Liv I need you

O- fine im leaving now I'm bringing friends. And with that I hung up

"Guy's I'm going to the airport take your shit to my house because that's were I'm going after" I yelled getting off Harry and grabbing my phone and bag and literally dragged Megan and Harry off the couch to the front door since the won't move and I told Harry to drive to my house with girls and take their stuff with them and stay there once they left I ran to Harry's room and grabbed 4 hoodies and and sunglasses and lest to the airport once I got there I saw over 1,000 fans there screaming for my brother and his band so pushed through the crowd which wasn't that hard surprisingly, I got past the guards then went to Luke who had no idea who I was, just proves how much he cares so I brushed it off and shoved the hoodies and sunglasses into his stomach earning a oomph and a who are you "wow you don't even recognise your own sister" I said pretending to be hurt "uh your not Olivia" he said confused "ok then if I'm not Olivia how do I know that you have a birthmark on you left hip" I said smirking "Olivia?" He said still confused "yes that is my name now get changed so I can leave this place" I said getting annoyed "fine bitch" he said while leaving to the bathroom I was standing there for an hour with his friends until I saw him leave the bathroom so I started walking towards my car when I felt a hand on my wrist so I turned to see if it was Luke but it was a guy with tanned skin brown eyes with black hair I was hoping he would let go but nope his hand is attached to my wrist with an iron grip so I kept walking towards my car until he let go so now my wrist is red and will probably be bruised tomorrow I got in the car waiting for the boys to get in when Luke sat next to me so I just ignored him since I'm super pissed with him "what's up with your sister" the one with the multicoloured hair asked "why don't you ask her" Luke said with a smirk knowing I will snap at him "ok?... Olivia why... Shut it rainbow head I am not in the mood" I said cutting him off "why are you so pissed Livbear" Luke said turning to me "do you want the long truth or the short truth" i said glancing at him "depends, how far away are we from your house" he said staring at me "about three minutes, why?" I said staring at the road "ok I'll have the short truth" he said smiling "ok... You left us without any contact until today when you expect me to pick you up" I said holding back tears but hearing multiple ow's and slaps and almost pissing myself "how could you do that Luke" the one will kinda curly hair asks "do you want the truth or a lie" he said turning to the curly one "the truth you dick" he replied "ok.. Well I didn't want to talk to family coz I don't like them" Luke said smiling which made me come to a stop "get out" I said holding back tears "you can't be serious Liv" he said staring at me "I'm dead serious now GET OUT!" I said letting a tear slip "fine bye come on guys" he said mouton u g for the guys to get out "no we are staying here" the tanned one said "fine cya dicks and bitch" he said opening the door and grabbing his stuff. I start to drive around the block until I get to my house. I wonder how Caitlin is going to react.....

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