Capture your attention

Harmony Lynn hates Justin Bieber like forreals. Not just that she cant stand him. What is there to like about him. He acts like a douche bag and acts like he owns the world. But when she is forced to go to Justin's concert because her twin sister, Heaven, LOVES him. Will feelings for Justin arise or will she just hate him more? All answers lie in Capture your attention.


2. Misconception


                                                                                Harmony's POV



Mom: Girls guess what we got each of you for your birthday?

Harmony: What?

Dad: Guess. 

Heaven: Fro-yo gift certificates?

Harmony: Tickets to go see the new  Twilight movie with Taylor Lautner?

Mom: We got you two each...

H&H: What?!?!?!?

Mom then pulls two key chain from behind her back.

Dad: TWO mini coopers!

H&H Wow! Thanks mom, thanks dad.

Mom: Oh i almost forgot you two are going to go see Justin Bieber live tomorrow and meet him!

Heaven: WHAT!! :)

Harmony: WHAT!! :( 

I rarely screamed at my parents and when i did i was always excited. So i guess that made them happier because my mom said...

Mom: See Harold i told you they would love it! 

I almost gagged, but i wouldn't do that in front of my parents they worked their butts off to get those tickets so i act like one does when faced with faulty reasoning among parents. I smiled and said thank you grabbed my new car keys and headed for the mall to spend some of my birthday money my relatives sent me. I got my hair dyed ombre,dark brown on top blond tips, ate fro yo (because i did receive a fro-yo gift certificate from my aunt in Miami), got a mani-pedi. I just relaxed because God knows i need it relaxation for tomorrow. Only 20 more hours until i have to overcome my biggest fear. Going to a Justin Bieber concert.      



Sorry for taking so long to update. I will probably update every two days. And sorry for the short chapters they should get longer in the next couple of chapters. Sorry again. Peace and love.


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