Capture your attention

Harmony Lynn hates Justin Bieber like forreals. Not just that she cant stand him. What is there to like about him. He acts like a douche bag and acts like he owns the world. But when she is forced to go to Justin's concert because her twin sister, Heaven, LOVES him. Will feelings for Justin arise or will she just hate him more? All answers lie in Capture your attention.


1. The beginning

 Chapter 1:


Let’s get something straight, i hate Justin Bieber. Not just I like his music but hate him or hate his music but like him. I hate his, his music, his style, his girlfriend choice, his shoes his hair just about anything you can think of about Justin Bieber I hate it. Except his Christianity that's the only thing I like about him. But back to me hating JB. If you even mention JB I will gag not like in a figurative sense but a literal sense.


Oh I almost forgot. My name is Harmony Melody Lynn, weird right? I Have a twin sister named Heaven Nevaeh Lynn who happens to love Justin Bieber. It was a nightmare when my mom made us share a room. I am 19, I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I speak fluent French, Italian, and surprisingly Tongues. I play the guitar, the drums, and piano.


And my parents only “helped” the situation because for me and my twin sister 19th birthday they got us meet and greet tickets . Oh and concert tickets. You may now gag. Its like my parents hate me. But lets start where it all began.


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