Hi I'm Stacey Hood and my brother is Calum hood. I live with my aunt in Sydney Australia. My Best Friend is Luke Hemmings and he is the love of my life.


15. What???

Luke's POV

While I was in the hospital I was awake and I could only think about Stacey. I didn't know if she was ok. The doctor finally walked in with the guys crying behind him. Did Stace..........Die? Is all I thought.

"Me Hemmings did you know about Stacey?"

"Know what?" What is he talking about?

"She is-" he says getting cut off by cal.

"WAS NOT IS!!!!" Cal says falling in Ashs arms.

"Was what?" I say confused

"Pre......Pregnant." Ash stutters

"What????" I was so confused did she know?

" With twins they did make it I'm not sure what your friend is talking about but they did but one is very seriously hurt."

"Um ok can you go I don't want to talk anymore" I say starting to cry as he leaves the room. All I could think is


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