Hi I'm Stacey Hood and my brother is Calum hood. I live with my aunt in Sydney Australia. My Best Friend is Luke Hemmings and he is the love of my life.


22. Wedding Day

Stacey's POV

*4 months after dress shopping*

I'm marrying luke today and I can't wait. I love him so much. I'm so nervous. I'm singing him a song. I hop he loves it.

(The song she is singing is Oh My My My by Taylor Swift but I'm just gonna say she wrote it)

I slide my dress on and I have maddie curling my hair, Allie doing my make up and Jaylee and Cal are watching the kids who are almost one.

"Ready?" Liz asked me and I nodded. I asked Liz to walk me down the aisle since my parents died and I prtty much live with her cause my aunt is on business trips a lot.

"Do you Stacey Grace Hood take Lucas Robert Hemmings to be you beloved husband thru sickness and in health for rich or for poor?" "I do." I smile and luke also says "I do"

"You may now kiss the bride." He dipped me down and gave me a long passionate kiss until Calum says a little to loud "WAIT FOR TONIGHT!!!" Me and luke pulled away blushing.

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