Hi I'm Stacey Hood and my brother is Calum hood. I live with my aunt in Sydney Australia. My Best Friend is Luke Hemmings and he is the love of my life.


21. Self Conscious

Stacey's POV

*7 months after the proposal*

Me and Luke have some things planned but not many. All we know is were having it at the beach, Calum, Mikey, and Ashtom are the groomsman, Maddie, Allie, and Jaylee are the bridesmaids, Hayden's the ring bear, and Dylan's the flower girl.

I don't have anything picked out for dresses. So me Maddie Allie and Jaylee are going dress shopping today.

*at the dress shop*

While we were looking at dresses I see it. The dress I want for my wedding. This is my dress. It's tight at the top with some sparkle, see through at the top, and really puffy.

"OMG!!!!! Your gorgeous!!!!!" Maddie screams

"Really??? I mean I like it but do I look fat?" I whisper I'm very self conscious.

"Stace come in hear for a minute." Maddie says dragging me into the dressing room.

"Yes?" I sigh looking at the floor.

"Stace, what's wrong? You've never been like this before."

"It's just after having the kids and..........."

"Oh come here." She's says pulling me into a hug seeing me cry.

"Stace your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You lost all of that baby fat a week after birth. Please don't be like that."

"Mad...maddie they....they hate" I say giving her my phone. "Haven't you seen tw...Twitter."

She reads all the hat that say I'm a fat slut and that I should cut my stomach off.

"Stacey, look at me. Don't listen to them. Do I have to call luke to talk to you?" I nodded I just wanted to hear his voice.

She grabs her phone and calls luke and Calum.

"Maddie what's wrong?" Luke asks

"Well Stacey really likes this dress but she's been on twitter and........" She slowly stops

"Oh no. Stace it's ok. Don't listen to them." I hear cal say.

"Stace if you don't get that dress that you love because of them then were not gonna have that amazing wedding. You need that dress that you love to make it amazing. And please don't listen to them. Stacey I love you with all my heart. Your my everything please just don't listen." Luke says and I feel tears coming down my cheeks as I look at my wrists and see the cuts that are so resent.

"Ok thanks lukey and cal I love you bye." I say still crying.

"You getting it?" Maddie asks with a smile.

"Yea" I nod while wiping my tears away.

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