Hi I'm Stacey Hood and my brother is Calum hood. I live with my aunt in Sydney Australia. My Best Friend is Luke Hemmings and he is the love of my life.


37. New Love

Calums POV

"Cal?" Stacey says looking me in the eyes.


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was sad and I still am I really loved her and now...." I stop talking when I see someone. She was really pretty and I think she goes to our school.

"Calum?" Stacey says waving her hand in front of my face knocking me out of my trance.

"I'll be back." I mumble going up to that girl.

"Hello. I'm Calum!" I have a huge grin on my face.

"Well hello I'm Elizabeth!" She giggles. "Do I know you? You kinda look like my old crush." She whispers the last part.

"Well who was that?"

"Oh you probably don't know him. His name is Calum Hood and I really like him. I just haven't-" I cut her off and kiss her. She kisses back and I was so happy.

"Oh my!!! I'm so stupid you even said your name was Calum!!!" She said hiding her face with her books because she was blushing.

"Hey if it makes you feel better I have a crush on a girl." I could see her face heat up with anger and I laugh. "Her names Elizabeth and she's about your hight and has really cute eyes and nose. Pretty and tan. Oh and her brown hair with her brown eyes!" I scream. "SHES BEAUTIFUL!!!!"

"Thanks." She blushes and looks at her feet.

"Hey well I was wondering if you want to meet the guys and my sister and her friends?"

"Yea that be cool what's your sisters name?"

"Stacey. She's dating Luke." I say pointing at the car where Luke was about to kiss her but I run up and block them.

"Calum what the fu-!!!" Luke screams "oh hello there"

"Guys this is Elizabeth, Elizabeth this is Luke and Stacey." I say smiling.

"Hi so want to get back to everyone?" Stacey asks.

"Yea! I really want to meet everyone!" She said cheery.

"Oh I wouldn't be too exited. Mikey is crazy and loud. Oh and don't forget Ash he's sweet and quiet but he could get loud and annoying. Like warned.

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