Hi I'm Stacey Hood and my brother is Calum hood. I live with my aunt in Sydney Australia. My Best Friend is Luke Hemmings and he is the love of my life.


17. Home Sweet Home

Stacey's POV

It's been 2weeks since the accident happened and I'm just going home. The doctors said I'm 3months pregnant.

When I get home I see all the guys there waiting for me. I love them so much. When they see me walk in they were about to jump on me until luke screams "WAIT!!!!" And they stand there frozen. "Oh yea. Your leg and arm and you know everything else." Cal says about. "Yea...." I sighed." What we doing today?"

"Movie?" Ashton asked

"YUP!!!" We all screamed at the same time.

We first watched monsters inc. which is he best movie ever.

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