Hi I'm Stacey Hood and my brother is Calum hood. I live with my aunt in Sydney Australia. My Best Friend is Luke Hemmings and he is the love of my life.


41. Accident

So I have decided to keep this book but I may write another book I'm not sure.

Stacey's POV

Everyone's depressed. Maddie won't eat sleep she won't do anything but cry. Liz is terrified to move so her and Cal stay home all day everyday. Mikey and Allie have been with me Luke Dyl and Hayden. It surprised me but I wasn't that upset after a bit. I kinda expected it I guess. Im focusing on my family. I don't want Ash in my kids life if that's how he is.

We all decided to go out when we got Liz and Maddie out of bed. Me and Luke dropped Dylan and Hayden off at his mums house and we went home to get ready. I've lost a lot of weight since giving birth so I'm wearing a TIGHT black dress that barely covers my ass. Maddie and Liz are wearing tight blue dresses and Allie is wearing a purple dress. We walk downstairs and the guys mouths drop.

"Up here." I giggle pointing at my face when I go over to Luke.

"Uh hi." He brakes out if his trance and we all drive to a club. Me Maddie and Luke are in Luke's car. "So Maddie are you gonna try to hook up tonight?" I ask looking at her.

"HELL YEA!!! IM GONNA DRINK THAT DICK AWAY AND THEN FUCK SOMEONE!!!!" She says chugging a can of beer down

"Madds I think your gonna be drunk before we even get there." Luke chuckles.

"I am aren't i." Maddie giggles.

~~~~~~~at the club~~~~~~~~

Maddie is already making out with someone and we haven't even been here for 5 minutes and everyone's drunk except me and Luke.

"Hey Babe I think we should leave everyone's getting in trouble." Luke states.

"Yea lets go." I grab Maddie and Allie and Luke grabs Mikey and cal who's making out with Liz.

Luke gets into Mikey's car with Liz and Cal. Me Maddie and Mikey get in to Lukes. They're not that drunk. We were just talking and I hear a big BANG!!!!

I turn around and see Luke's car crashed into a tree. I run over to him and Luke's unconscious. Cal and Liz are just bleeding really badly.

"LUKE!!!" I call 911 crying. Mikey and Maddie come over to me. Ambulances came 5minutes later. Me and Mukey go with Cal and Luke. Maddie went with Liz. They were asking me questions and all I would do is cry. I just don't understand Luke didn't have one drink.

"Cal what happened?" I ask him sobbing.

"I-I" he was stuttering and I was so frustrated.

"Do you know what happened!" Mikey yelled. Cal just shook his head.

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