Hi I'm Stacey Hood and my brother is Calum hood. I live with my aunt in Sydney Australia. My Best Friend is Luke Hemmings and he is the love of my life.


25. 1st Birthday

Stacey's POV

Today is May 8th. My babies are 1!!! I'm so happy. Dylan can walk and talk. Hayden isn't far behind. He falls after 2staps but is getting there and can only say mom dad cal ash mad and al.

Our theme in monsters inc. since it's their favorite movie and me and Luke's. We have everything picked out. Hayden is dressed up like sully and Dylan like boo. It's so cute.

*party time*

Everyone's here. Cal Jay Ash Maddie Micky Allie Niall Harry Liam Zayn and Louis. Luke's mom dad jack and Ben are here too. My aunt couldn't come which isn't a surprise.

There are so many presents and the kids are having so much fun but I think we are having more fun then the kids are.

While we were eating cake we heard a knock on the door.

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