Every... Faction?

I am Judith from Amity. I don't want to stay. I'm not like the others. My parents and sister say I have to be more peaceful than I am.... but I can't change who I am.... I want to be peaceful.... but I can't. I get into fights. I scare people. I shouldn't be here...
This story is on my Wattpad too-Kiddsymmetry-word for word. Thanks for reading, and comment what you think!


2. Choosing Ceremony

Today I choose. Today I leave my Faction forever. My mother was Abnegation-born, Amity transfer, and my father Amity-born. I have an older brother, Erudite now, named Cory. He was so nice, but even after about a week at Erudite he became, what is the old American term? An ass? Either way, Erudite changed him drastically. I didn't want that to happen to me, but, then the only other choice would be Dauntless. This is harder than I thought. I am sitting in Amity when I hear "Judith Archer." and I stand. I know what I am choosing. My hand hovers over the black boiling substance. The blood drips in and I hear roars coming from my new faction. Dauntless.
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