I can't love you

Diamond is a typical badass 16 year old girl who is now being sent to a boarding school. What will she find there love,murderers,rapists,players or spies. Read to find out.


3. Tell me who I am

Mr benson finally decided to knock on my door and told me he's taking me to class. Perv bet he just wants to look at my ass! Seeing as I'm in LALA land right now I don't notice him stop and bang right into him! Ugh! A teacher who looks fresh out of uni opens the door and might I add he's damn fine! But still not my type.

 Mr benson just hands him a paper that he reads and the other teacher smiles at god knows what. Finally he decided to speak sayin " welcome to my English my name is mr Moore ." And I just reply by sayin sup. 

He motions for me to go into class and I could feel everyone's eyes on me. I swear to god I just saw some guy from the coner of my eye checking out my body not that I mind.....much. 

Sir finally speaks up and asks me to tell me about me. "I'm from Yorkshire I moved here coz I got kicked out of to schools and well I hate attention seeking two faced hoes so stay away from me trust me you'll end up in hospital." As far as I knew people's mouths were wide open suckers.


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