I can't love you

Diamond is a typical badass 16 year old girl who is now being sent to a boarding school. What will she find there love,murderers,rapists,players or spies. Read to find out.


2. Settling in

After mr benson gave me a LONG chat about the rules he told me that I should go and freshen up and he'll take me to my class in about an hour.  Turns out I have a roomie (great not) but she's in her lesson. I bet I'll hate her. 


Omg i seriously cannot be assed with school right now. But I guess I'll have to. Shit!! Iv only got half an hour to get ready! Better get a move on. I quickly take a 10 min shower  and grab some random clothes and shove them on. 15 mins! Hurry the fuck up diamond!!! I dry my hair (lucky it's naturally straight) and put it in a ponytail. I shove on my toms and do some last min make up.(eyeliner mascara and lipgloss)  done  thank god.



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