A combination of GillyBean's drawings - including her OCs - and short stories and/or quotes.


2. Zero Kiryu


Now that she's back in the atmosphere
 I'm afraid that she might think of me as plain ol' Jane
 Told a story about a man who was too afraid to fly so he never did land

 But tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet?
 Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
 And head back to the Milky Way?
 And tell me, did Venus blow your mind?
 Was it everything you wanted to find?
 And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?

-Drops of Jupiter, Train



I do not own Zero Kiryu, or Vampire Knight.

Picture done with copic markers and a white pen. No editing or Photoshop done.

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