Kidnapped ~ Niall Horan Love Story

Zayn Malik's baby sister gets kidnapped. Twelve years later she escapes and just happens to run into her brother and his band. What happens when she falls in love with a certain blond Irish lad? What happens when he falls in love with someone else?


6. Chapter 6

~Brianna's P.O.V. (At the food court)~

Perrie, El, and I all became really good friends. While we were out shopping I got at least 20 pairs of shoes, 30 pairs of pants, 10 or 15 pairs of shorts, 20 long sleeve shirts, 30 tank tops, and 5 'One Direction' sweatshirts/jackets one with each of the lads names on it. We had bags galor and were heading towards the food court. Once we got close enough we saw the lads and headed over to them, but while we were walking towards them we couldn't stop laughing. 


"I am taking it that you guys had alot of fun." Zayn said 


"Yes we did. I love them!" I said 


"No we love you." Perrie and El said at the same time


"That's good so how was it?" Louis asked


"It was so much fun we were running around a store in heels and got kicked out. Then we went to the 'Pet Palace' and a puppy bit our fingers. Then we were walking and a clown came out causing us all to scream our heads off and hit the clown in the head with our shopping bags. Then we went to a music store and bought out their 'One Direction,' 'Little Mix,' and '5 Seconds Of Summer' CD's. Then we got kicked out of a book store because we were being to loud. After we were walking for a while we found a thrift shop and went in and dressed in old lady clothes and took pictures. Halfway through I had to go to the bathroom, when I was done I washed my hands done and then the hand dryer decided not to work and we kinda broke it even more. Then we went to 'Starbucks,' and got Mocha Cookie Crumble fraps. After we got our drinks we went into a random store and they had mannequins and we managed to break a couple of them. After we broke the mannequin we decided to stop shopping because we would probably break more stuff, so we came to find you lads. When we were on our way to find you lads we got lost and had to ask a security guard to help us... so yeah it was boring." I said 


"Yeah it was boring." El said sarcastically


"So boring." Perrie said. The lads all looked at us and started laughing.


 "How do you break a hand dryer?" Harry asked


"Easy you kick it, then hit it with a hammer. Don't ask where we got a hammer."


"Okay how do you break a mannequin?" Niall asked


"We wanted to see if it was a robot disguised as a mannequin, so we pushed it and it fell and broke."


"Okay that's interesting." Liam said


"Maybe we shouldn't let you three shop together anymore if this is going to happen." Zayn said 


"What no Zayniebear you can't do that to me. Platypus and Jelly Bean are my best friends."


"Yeah Bear is our best friend." Eleanor said


"Fine but no more breaking things." Zayn said 


"Wait your afraid of clowns?" Louis asked


"Yeah I hate them."  They all looked at me and laughed, as soon as the stopped laughing we got something to eat. After an hour we had to leave for their concert and Perrie and El were also coming to the concert but Perrie couldn't stay long because she has to go back to the 'Little Mix,' tour bus because this was just a stop on their tour.


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