Kidnapped ~ Niall Horan Love Story

Zayn Malik's baby sister gets kidnapped. Twelve years later she escapes and just happens to run into her brother and his band. What happens when she falls in love with a certain blond Irish lad? What happens when he falls in love with someone else?


5. Chapter 5

~Brianna's P.O.V. (At Mall)~

It was a longish car ride to the mall and when we got there, there were two beautiful girls one with blonde hair and pink tips, and the other with brown wavy hair. We stepped out of the car and the two girls came running at Louis and Zayn and engulfed them in a hug. 


"Hey Liam?" 


"Yeah whats up?"


"Who are they?" I said while pointing at the two girls.


"Oh that one hugging Zayn that has the blonde hair and pink tips is Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend. The one hugging Louis that has the brown wavy hair is Eleanor, Louis's girlfriend."


"Oh okay."


"Hey lads lets take Bri in and let Zerrie and Elounor catch up." Liam said


The rest of them nodded and we headed inside, and Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me along side him. When we got inside I couldn't believe what I saw it was huge, there was a 'Forever 21,'  'Wet Seal,' and 'Hollister.' You may be wondering how I know about these places well, Jack got me some clothes from those places. 


"Alright were to first BriBri?" Harry asked


"I don't know."


"Alright we will chose then." Harry said


They decided that we should go to 'Wet Seal,' first and when we got in their they pulled me over to a rack of clothes and started throwing a whole bunch of different shirts and pants at me. They all told me to go try them on then come out and show them and that is exactly what I did. I ended up going out of 'Wet Seal' with 5 pairs of skinny jeans, 10 different shirts, and 2 jean jackets. When we walked out we bumped into Zayn and Louis with the two girls from earlier. The two girls walked up to me and the blonde said "Hi you must be Brianna. I am Perrie and this is Eleanor. She is Louis's girlfriend and I am Zayn's."


"Hi." I said sticking out my hand to shake but they pulled me in for a hug. 


"So what did these lads make you get?" Eleanor asked, I showed her and she told me that they were cool. Then Perrie said that the three of us were going shopping and we would meet the lads at the food court at three and it was only 11 right now.  

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