Kidnapped ~ Niall Horan Love Story

Zayn Malik's baby sister gets kidnapped. Twelve years later she escapes and just happens to run into her brother and his band. What happens when she falls in love with a certain blond Irish lad? What happens when he falls in love with someone else?


4. Chapter 4

~Brianna's P.O.V.~

After Zayn introduced me to all of them he decided it would be best if we go back to their hotel so that they can explain everything to me and I can explain to them what happened to me. I followed Zayn and the rest of his band mates all the way back to their hotel. When we were turning a corner I saw a black van and Jack in the front seat with a ski mask over his face. I tensed up and Zayn was holding my hand so he was able to feel when I tensed up and he looked down at me.


"What's the matter Bribear?" I pointed towards the black van and Zayn saw it and told everyone to run for it because it was 'HIM.' Everyone started to sprint down the road with Paul carrying me because he was afraid that I would end up passing out since I had ran who knows how long when I escaped. We stopped running when we got to a giant hotel and ran in straight to the lift. We rode the lift all the way to the tenth floor and then got out. I followed everyone down the hall and to the very last door. When we got to the door Zayn looked back at me and said.


"Bribear it's alright he won't get you. Shh calm down, I will keep you safe and so will the lads. He won't get you ever again. It is okay there is no need to cry." I guess  was crying and I didn't know. 


"Yeah we will all make sure that he can't get you again. Plus we have one of the best bodyguards with us." Liam said while the other lads and Paul nodded.


I finally calmed down enough to notice that we had already walked into the hotel and were seated on the couches. Once I noticed that Zayn started to explain everything. He explained how mum and dad got arrested for selling me to Jack to make it look like I got kidnapped. He then proceed to tell me how he auditioned for 'X-Factor' three years ago and made it to boot-camp then was booted. Then Simon brought the five of them out onstage together and told them that they could come back if they said yes to being in a band together. They all said they would and ended up taking third place and got signed by Simon. Then he want on to how they are on tour for there album "Midnight Memories.' All the way to how we are in California right now and they have a concert tonight. Then they all said that I am not aloud out of any of their sights including Paul's. Which I just nodded my head to because I would rather be in their sight then out of it and get kidnapped again. 


"Hey lads we should take Bri to go get clothes since she doesn't have any" Louis said


"Yeah that's a good idea and we can have Perrie and Eleanor meet us at the mall." Zayn said 


"Really guys I don't wanna go." 


"Yes and you are going." Harry said


"Really guys we don't need to go, I am fine." 


"Yes we are going! You need clothes you are not just going to have those clothes." Niall said 


"But I don't wanna go."


"Your going and that is finally." Liam said


"Fine!" The lads pulled me out with them and Paul and we got in there van to go to the nearest mall.



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