Kidnapped ~ Niall Horan Love Story

Zayn Malik's baby sister gets kidnapped. Twelve years later she escapes and just happens to run into her brother and his band. What happens when she falls in love with a certain blond Irish lad? What happens when he falls in love with someone else?


3. Chapter 3

~Zayn's P.O.V.~

I turned around and standing right in front of me was Bribear. She looked a lot older now but I knew it was her, I guess it is just the brother instinct coming out, and she was hurt pretty badly. 


~Brianna's P.O.V.~

The person I bumped into turned around and so did the people that are now in behind him. I looked up and it was Zayn standing right in front of me and I couldn't believe it after 12 years I finally get to see my brother again.


"B-Br-Bribear?" Zayn stuttered


"Z-Za-Zaynie Bear?" I stuttered


Once we both figured out we were standing in front of each other, Zayn engulfed me in a hug and I started crying my eyes out. I felt a tear fall down onto my shoulder followed by many many more and I noticed Zayn was crying. We were hugging for what felt like forever but it was only three minutes, he pulled out of the hug and looked down at me. 


"I can't believe I have finally found you ." Zayn said


"Me either. I thought I was going to die down there from the loss of blood." I said


"WHAT?! He hurt you!" Zayn said


"Yeah he beat me with a belt this morning before he left and I ran." 


"Oh my gosh. You are coming with me on tour until it ends and then we are going back home and your coming with me. I will never let you out of my sight ever again." (a/n sorry if that part is confusing i couldn't think of anther way to write it)




"Uh yeah I forgot. Guys?" The five other lads that were now behind him came towards us.


"Yeah I am kind of in a band called 'One Direction' and these are my band mates and our body guard." They all waved at me and I waved back. Then Zayn introduced them he pointed to a buff lad "That's our bodyguard Paul, the one with the curly hair is Harry, the one in stripes and suspenders is Louis, the on in the plaid is Liam, and the blond one is Niall."


Sorry it took forever to update but here it is. Hope you like it.







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