Starstruck luke hemmings

Hi my name is Riley Evan I am 16 I have a story that changed my life and it all began at a party that luke Hemmings from 5sos was he went to a club for a family party but other people were aloud in my annoying sister Hannah told me to drive her there and forced me and blackmail me saying she would tell my crush that I liked him so I had to she mad me wait In the car while she goes in the club when she got in she was taking for ever it was nearly midnight I new that are parents would ground us so I got out the car to go get her but the front door was to crowded so I went to the side door of the building as I was about to open it someone had bashed the door on my head making me fill dizzy I looked up to see who it was is was none big than like Hemmings


1. packing to go Australia

Riley's pov

I have just woke up and come down stairs to see my annoying sister watching stars truck news it is talking about 5sos I hate them they are just so weird that's probably why my sister likes them

"Turn that rubbish of"I say in an annoyed voice

"No and it's not rubbish"Hannah said with an angry face

"there music is rubbish it sounds like cats are being strangled"I say with a smirk on my face

"5sos don't sound as bad as green day,nirvana,blink 182 and good Charlotte"Hannah smirked at me

Just as I was about to say something back my mum and dad walk in the room

"Stop fighting and go pack we are going to see your grandma in Australia tomorrow so make sure your bring everything now go"

Me and Hannah said "ok" and then we went to our rooms to make sure we have packed everything,I actually carn't wait to go to Australia I hate London it is so boring and I had to go to a girls school I don't really care if I move there but I'm not I have no friends here anyway

As I was thinking someone opened the door it was Hannah

"What do you want"I knew by her face she wanted something she came and sat next it me then she asked

"When we get to Australia there is this party and Luke Hemmings out of 5sos is going to be there so I was wondering if"before she could finish I cut her of and said "no"

"Please"she said with a sad face

"No way am I taking you to a club plus mum would not let you"I was actually happy that for once she was not allowed to do something she wanted to do

"If you don't take me I will tell jake that you like him"

"I don't like jake"

"But that's not what your diary said "she said with a bIg smirk on her face

"Fine I'll take you"

"Yes I better go find something good to wear to the party"she ran out without saying thank you

-----skip to tomorrow-----

"The taxis here come on"my mum yell

We came rushing down the stairs we got In the taxi and drive to the airport when we got there we had to wait in the line when we got the tickets we went to the place were are airplane was we showed our tickets and we went on the plane

-----skip to when you arrive in Australia -----

I woke up to my mum pushing me to wake me up as u get up she said we have landed so i get up with my laptop in my bag and my phone in my hand I put my superman headphones on and listen to green day boulevard of Brocken dreams when we get In the taxi we arrive at our Nan's new home it is massive she has a swim pool and an tennis court I walk in it is so beautiful I carn't believe it I quickly run upstairs so I can get the best room I got a big room it had a king sized bed

My sister just walked in the room and said

"I get this room"but after she saw me she new she wouldn't have this room she made an angry face than she slammed the door I started to un pack my clothes and everything else when I'm finished it is about 5:00 so I decide to go out side to have a look around when I got back it's about 8:00 and my parents weren't there but my sister came down in a beautiful black dress why is she wearing that?

"Why are you wearing that dress"she looks at me with a confused look

"Remember the party"

"Oh Yh great"I said sarcastically

"We are leaving now"she said trying to hurry me up

We walked out the door a we left

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