By the tip of a red arrow

Red Arrow, is a mass murderer, killing innocent people because she can. She is on a self-appointed mission, due to her painful past: Kill and destroy the Peacekeepers for revenge. While searching for their missing leaders, she uncovers secrets that might change the only world she has ever known.


1. Preface

A water-rat, a rodent the size of a cat with webbed claws and fins near his legs, swam out of the water and hobbled along the bank, searching for snakes. It pounced and its jaws clamped down on a trashing green shape and bit down hard. The snake died swiftly and the water-rat started to drag it back into the water. A swish and the rat collapsed sideways, an ugly black arrow jutting out from its side. The leaves in the trees barely rustled as a figure camouflaged to fit the scenery leaped down and landed next to the rodent. She ripped her arrow from the dead carcass and whipped it on the grass. Stuffing it back in her holster, she examined her catch. Melody proceeded to removed the dead snake from the creatures jaws. She tied it around her waist in a belt a scooped up the water-rat. Sliding it in her pack, she disappeared, melting into the trees.


Jamie! I found supper!” Melody chanted as she appeared in the meadow. Her and her brother had been on the run from society ever since Jamie had stolen a vase in attempt to trade it for food. The vase was a priceless artifact and the peacekeepers had appeared and had brought him into the square for execution. Melody had found out and had rushed into the area, murdering five guards and releasing the criminal. They had been under constant move ever since. She stopped in her tracks as she took in the boot tracks in the dirt. Dropping their supper, she dashed towards the hill that held the dugout home. The door had been ripped off the hinges and the windows had been smashed. Heart racing, Melody ran inside, not caring if there where left-over soldiers. She HAD to find Jamie. “JAMIE!” She shouted “This isn't funny, please come out!” The chairs where upturned and pieces of there furniture was littered around. She dashed to the kitchen and grabbed a big knife. Walking carefully, she advanced to Jamie's room. The door had been smashed in and blood was on the wood. Climbing over the wood shards, she entered his room. Blood was everywhere, a few soldier bodies but no boy. “JAMIE!” Melody shouted again, her voice cracking. The sheets of his bed where torn as if someone had been dragged roughly out of bed. Her eyes spotted something on the floor. A locket. Jamie's locket. With a strangled cry, she lurched past the corpses towards the locket. She fell and her fingers closed around it. Clutching it to her chest she sobbed. “Jamie, Jamie baby” Lying on the floor, surrounded by blood, wreckage and bodies, she stopped crying. Jamie was dead. They where gonna pay. Pay big time. She lifted her head up and lurched to her feet. Pay. That word bounced around her head as she stumbled towards a soldiers body. Reaching into his jacket, she grabbed his gun and electrical wand, and then she found his ID. Soldier Marcus of the C.P.A. The Central Peacekeeper Association. PAY. The wristwatch's comm beeped and then a voice crackled out of it. “Sergeant Marcus? Sergeant, answer to your officer.” Her hand moved automatically, pressing the speak button. “I am coming for you and I will murder everyone of you.” She proceeded to smash the watch, the words flashing around her brain like a chant. I WILL MAKE YOU PAY.

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