By the tip of a red arrow

Red Arrow, is a mass murderer, killing innocent people because she can. She is on a self-appointed mission, due to her painful past: Kill and destroy the Peacekeepers for revenge. While searching for their missing leaders, she uncovers secrets that might change the only world she has ever known.


4. chapter 3

Melody sat perched on a tree as she watched a troop of peacekeepers disappearing around a bend.

Last night she had returned to the old house under the hill to see what was left behind. The Peacekeepers had obviously returned and had picked the place, family photos had been smashed, Jamie's blanket was gone and so was hers. Various random objects where gone. Red Arrow pulled out her bow and notched it. She jumped quietly from tree to tree, using her magic just in case. As she spotted the troop, she released her arrow. The Peacekeeper at the back collapsed. And another. And another. Soon, they where all scrambling for cover, abandoning trying to find were the arrows where coming from. As soon as she killed them all, she dropped from the tree, banishing the particles and making her visible. Red Arrow approached them, piling them into a mound, and making a pile with their weapons. Sighing, she tied all the weapons together with the soldiers cloaks and lifted the pile up, staggering towards the left, the weight of the weapons making it hard to walk. She approached a bush with berries on it and dumped the weapons in the bush, before looking around the clearing, focusing the particles so they wiped her traces. Then she jumped into the bush.


Alex marched forwards at a brisk pace, trying to catch up with his group. He had been chosen to clean up their camp, cleaning up the ashes from their fire and tidying up. He would never catch them at this pace. He started jogging. He hated marching. The only reason he had joined the Peacekeepers was because his family had been poor and starving, his youngest brother had died of sickness. They hadn't even had enough money for a burial. So, he had joined the Peacekeepers for the money for his family. Now they where getting along fine, his two sisters married to rich men, his brothers where getting along fine as well, one a painter, one a blacksmith. His parents where dead and he was stuck being a soldier. Marching around and crappy stuff like that. And the worst was he couldn't quit. Huffing, he turned a bend and stopped short. Up ahead was a mound of bodies. Peacekeeper bodies. He trotted up to the mound, looking at his dead partners. This would have been him. Their weapons were all gone. Something rustled in the trees, Alex's gaze snapped up, his gun out, pointing at the noise, another rustle in the grass. Alex backed up, his gun darting from the tree to the grass. His hand automatically moved to his electrical wand in his cloak. His fingers grasped at nothingness as he remembered that he had ditched his cloak and boots at the camp zone, due to the immense head. Major face-palming himself, he tripped over a root and sprawled on the ground. A couple of spider-squirrels darted out of the grass and trees, running up to the mound. Sighing in relief, Alex got to his feet, shaking his head at his nervousness. The killer or killers must be long gone by now, no need to be nervous. He dusted off his blue shirt and jeans, his peacekeeper uniform had been ripped to shreds a few days ago, when a bear had chased after him while he had been sent out to get food. Alex chuckled to himself, he was such a horrible Peacekeeper. Alex started walking again. He was going to go to the city they had been heading for and report this to his captain. He turned at the chattering sound of the spider-squirrels and saw that one of them had a black arrow in its mouth. Alex backed up as he recognized the arrow of the famous killer Red arrow and tripped over his feet, falling into a bush.

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