By the tip of a red arrow

Red Arrow, is a mass murderer, killing innocent people because she can. She is on a self-appointed mission, due to her painful past: Kill and destroy the Peacekeepers for revenge. While searching for their missing leaders, she uncovers secrets that might change the only world she has ever known.


3. chapter 2

Alex stood at attention while the commander of squad 9 paced the room angrily. Our intelligence had just finished telling us that the assassin Red Arrow, had changed his patterns yet again. At the beginning, a month ago, he had only murdered a few people and Peacekeepers. After a few days, he had begun to murder violently anyone who happened across his way. Every time they had found bodies, they where either chopped, mutilated, bled to death or other horrors like that. Alex shivered, his eyes watching the passing captain. Now, apparently, he had stopped murdering anyone and had went back to his original focus, Peacekeepers and anyone who knew or had links to them. Alex realized with a start that the commander was talking again. “We will have to be more vigilant and be on guard for Red Arrow. If you see anyone, and I mean anyone, that looks suspicious or even has a weapon, shoot them on site. We can't let him start a rebellion. It will ruin the fragile peace we have worked so hard to attain!” He shouted and the soldiers responded with a resounding shout. “But sir...What if the murderer is a she, I mean, it is possible for a woman to do this as well. Is there any proof that its officially a guy, because that would help with our tracking him down.” The commander turned to glare at him. He marched forwards and stood in front of the soldier. The sight was pretty funny as the commander was several heads sorter then the man and his mustache quivered. “What's your name soldier!” Barked the smaller man. The soldier looked like he had regretted speaking. “Soldier Hawthorn sir!” He shouted his hand snapping up into a salute. “Well, soldier Hawthorn, girls are gentle things that are in charge of washing and cooking. It's not possible that a lady as fragile as they are, could murder this many people without us killing her already.” He said, leaning forwards on the tips of his toes. “Or are you saying that I'm lying” He said lowly, his eyes narrowing into slits. Wide eyed, soldier Hawthorn bowed respectfully. “Oh no sir!” He said, his voice breaking. “I am not implying that at all!” The commanders cane raised up and fell sharply on the soldier's head. Some Peacekeepers edged slightly closer to the door, looking as if they wished they could bolt. But they couldn't if they didn't value their life and the lives of their family. Whack, whack, whack. Again and again the cane fell on him. On his shin, in his side. The commander spanked him with the stick sharply and then said in a deadly voice, his mouth curling in pleasure. “Soldier Hawthorn, go to the field.” The soldiers gasped quietly while Hawthorn just stood there, his eyes unfocused. “W-what sir?” He said. “You heard me you fool, to the field!” The commander shouted and soldier Hawthorn almost ran out of the room. The commander turned to look at us. “Well, don't just stand their like bloody fools! Go t the weapon room and arm your selves! When you find him.” He empathized on him. “You will bring Red Arrow to me alive. I don't care if he is bleeding, or is missing a limb or any crap, he just has to be alive. And you are under no condition to return without him. Even if you are bleeding or have any injuries. GOT THAT SOLDIERS!?!” He yelled. “YES SIR!” We shouted back at him. The pounding of black boots was all Alex could hear as they marched towards the weapon room. As they made it there, They heard screams that sent chills down their bones. The screams of soldier Hawthorn.

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