By the tip of a red arrow

Red Arrow, is a mass murderer, killing innocent people because she can. She is on a self-appointed mission, due to her painful past: Kill and destroy the Peacekeepers for revenge. While searching for their missing leaders, she uncovers secrets that might change the only world she has ever known.


2. chapter 1

Her bow in her hands, the string pulled, notched with an arrow, Red Arrow waited on the rooftop. The nickname, due to the splatter of red that soon followed the deadly black arrows, had turned into her actual name, a month after the killing had started. She could see her breath in the cool winter night. A man stepped out into the moonlight. Grinning, Red Arrow pulled back her hood. She shook her auburn hair free and it flew around her face. The barbed tip of the arrow followed the figure as he walked forward. Leaping to the next roof, she followed him. This would take a while, she was feeling quite bloodthirsty today. He turned around a corner and into a dark alleyway. Red Arrow closed her eyes, drawing the mist and particles of the air towards her, making it envelope her, making her invisible. She flipped off the roof and landed quietly, a skill she had perfected. Her breath came evenly as she followed him, waiting for the perfect moment. He turned another corner and a wall covered in graffiti was beside him.


This will do. Red Arrow let the barbed weapon fly and it caught him in the shoulder, and another followed pinning his hood to the wall. The man's eyes widened as he saw the black arrows. “Red Arrow” He breathed, his voice thick with pain. Giggling, she banished the particles and mist, making herself visible. “Hello Steve.” She said, prowling forwards. “Your not screaming?” She said, her face turning into a pout. “That's no fun.” Steve glared at her. “I will not make the Peacekeepers come.” “Ah well, and I was so looking forward to the reunion. But I guess we'll have to make due for just us” Her voice became a purr and she walked closer. “What happened to you Melody.” She stiffened, her face becoming hard. “What did you say?” She asked, her eyes flashing. “I said your name. Melody. You know, the girl who risked everything to save her brother, Ja-” Darting forwards, Red Arrow shoved her elbow against his vocal cords. “Do not say his name.” She hissed, pressing harder. The man coughed and continued. “He would be disappointed to hear what you have become. Murdering innocent civilians, your family, your uncle.” “You Are Not My Uncle!” She yelled her fist slamming into the wall behind him. “You betrayed us, left us in our time of need. We are not related!” She shrieked her voice climbing an octave. “I am revenging him, making sure the filth who spilled his blood will be eliminated!” Red Arrow pulled her knife out of her pocket. The man's eyes strayed to the blade but otherwise, his face remained the same composed calm. “How is this revenging him, you are murdering people who have not done you harm.” “They have all done me harm, and this way, the Peacekeepers will suffer as there beloved people die.” She flashed a mad smile, her knife began pressing gently against his skin in the crook of his elbow. He shook his head. “It's no longer just that, you like killing now, you feed off the sight of blood and the noise of the dying.” She growled and the blade dug into the skin. “Am I right then?” Her uncle defied. “This is no longer for him, but for you.” “This is for Jamie!” She shouted and started tracing deep patterns into his skin. The screams started.


Red Arrow sat, shrouded by the particles her magic formed together to conceal her. She sat perched on a window, looking at the family inside. The older sister was tickling her younger brother, his messy hair flopping into his eyes as he wriggled around, squealing in laughter. The mom and dad sat on the sofa, watching happily at their children. This should have been her family, would have been her family if her parents had not died from starvation and if Jamie had not stolen that vase. Jamie. She thought, pain piercing her heart. She had not thought of him in a while, the pain being to big. Red Arrow had thought, with time and distraction, his memory would go away, fade into the background. But it had not. The words her uncle had said surfaced. Did she enjoy killing. Of course, it was revenge and who did not enjoy that? Your not doing it for Jamie anymore, your uncle was right, you love the power. Pressing the palms of her hands into her eyes, she didn't bother fighting the voice. It was true. “I'm sorry Jamie” She whispered to herself. “I'm a monster.” She let the tears flow. A monster who still had to destroy other monsters. The peacekeepers where keeping peace alright, but they where starving people and letting the weak and poor die. They where monsters just like her, so it would be okay if... she where to continue her vengeance on them. “No murdering innocent people, just the Peacekeepers.” She told herself, casting one last look to the family. No more killing the innocent. Just other monsters. She would become their defender, even if they didn't know it. Casting one last glance at the family, she climbed up onto the roof and vanished.


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