Prove Me Wrong

'Falling in love' is stupid. I mean what's the point? You literally waste your time for someone who will dump you in the future. Or make you suffer and imagine a future that will never happen. Why was falling in love even invented anyways? I think I make my point. Nothing will change my mind.


9. medication

Chapter 9

MJ's P.O.V

"I came her to pick up some medicines" I told the pharmacist.

She smiled "I'll be back" she left to the back room and came back with a white paper bag in her hands.

"That'll be 52 dollars" she said handing them over. I nodded and took out the money.

"Oh and I'll also be buying this" I said setting 3 cans of Monster on the counter.

"You're not taking that with your medicine are you?" She asked.

"That'll be none of your business" I said paying her and leaving the store.

I opened the bag and took out the pills. They're suppose to control my anger but I never tried them so I'm not sure. I also HATE pills.

I uncapped the bottle and just stared down at the pills. I squeezed my eyes shut and popped one into my mouth. I quickly drank up my monster without stopping. Yet it still left the awful taste in my mouth.

"MJ!" I heard my name being yelled but I didn't know we're it came from. I hate when that happens.

Soon I was tackled from behind. "Ommf what the fuck Lexy" I managed to say. I knew it was her since she always sneaks up on me.

"Oh my gosh you're taking your medications I'm so proud of ya!" She squealed.

"She's taking her what?!" I heard Becca yell. She's walking halfway through the parking lot. Wow Lexy is very loud if Becca could hear her from all the way over there.

I smiled a little. That made Becca run and tackle me in a hug. "Finally MJ!"

I rolled my eyes. "I don't think they'll work, I'm just trying if out" so we could have a better friendship. I thought. So I'm literally doing something for them. Something a hate ugh.

"This deserves a party!" Lexy said jumping up and down.

"Don't exaggerate" I said.

"No she's right!" Becca said "we'll let you choose what to do cause you know" she smiled.

I smirked "grab your fake ID's cause we're going to a bar"

"Ugh See what happens when she chooses, if my mom finds out she wil-"

I interrupted Lexy. "She will never find out! It's what you get for suggesting stuff. Now come on, I have some boy's day to ruin"

Lexy shook her head and groaned. "I should just stop talking" she muttered and we started laughing

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