Prove Me Wrong

'Falling in love' is stupid. I mean what's the point? You literally waste your time for someone who will dump you in the future. Or make you suffer and imagine a future that will never happen. Why was falling in love even invented anyways? I think I make my point. Nothing will change my mind.


1. тнə gιrlѕ

"What's up MJ?" My friends yelled.

"Dam do you have to yell?" I laughed sitting down on the couch next to my friends.

"Sorry" they giggled

"how was work?" Becca asked

"Horrible like always" I said "you guys are lucky you still go to school and the principle hasn't kicked you out."

"Cause we're actually good... " Lexy smirked.

"Mmhm yeah 'good' " Becca laughed

"Good girls that haven't been caught... Yet" I said "I always get the bad luck of getting caught all the time"

"You're just not sneaky enough" Becca said while Lexy grabbed a bag of chips and tossed each of us one.

"Thanks" Becca said "well today school was... horrible too I can't lie... Remember the English teacher? Yeah she gave us double homework for nothing"

"For nothing? Really?" I asked surprised.

"Well no actually someone wrote on whiteboard 'School Sucks' and nobody took the blame so she just gave us more homework" Lexy said

"Wait did you do it Becca" I said

"What? No hahah maybe... Yeah I did it" she said.

She was trying to look ashamed but I could see a little smirk from the corner of her mouth.

"HIGH FIVE!" I yelled.

She laughed and high-fived both of us.

"Thought you well young grasshopper" I said imitating Master Chi Fu from Kung Fu Panda.

"Nuh uh" Becca said. "I'm actual good at hiding my bad side not like some people"

"Hey! It wasn't my fault the teacher caught me! It was because you weren't looking out for me like I told you!" I defended myself.

"It wasn't the first time you got caught doing something bad, that's why you're not allowed back in any school here." Becca smirked.

"Ok fine whatever" I said giving up.

"Hey I'm bored we should do something" Lexy said.

"I don't know. I'm pretty tired. I thought working as a waitress was going to be easy but it's really hard" I said

"C'mon we haven't done anything this whole week but hang out at your house talk and go back home!" Lexy said.

She's right" Becca said.

"Fine. Uhm how about we... Go to...Walmart and prank people!" I said smiling.

"Sounds great!" Becca said.

"Really guys? I don't want to" Lexy said worriedly.

She's not really a bad girl. She's 100% good and hates getting in trouble. But we drag her into our mischief all the time.

"C'mon Lexy! It'll be fun plus you said you wanted to do something... Now what are you waiting for?" I said.

"Ugh guys this isn't what I meant" Lexy groaned.

"Suck it up! You're coming now let's go" Becca said pulling on Lexy's hand.

"I hate you guys" Lexy groaned "especially you MJ"

"I love you too" I smirked "now let's go"

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