Prove Me Wrong

'Falling in love' is stupid. I mean what's the point? You literally waste your time for someone who will dump you in the future. Or make you suffer and imagine a future that will never happen. Why was falling in love even invented anyways? I think I make my point. Nothing will change my mind.


3. вαd mσnѕtєr !

MJ's P.O.V

"Hey Sleepy Heads" I heard some shake me.


"Ugh what the heck Becca?" I groaned.

"Why?" Lexy whined

"Well first of all, today is the last day of school for us Lexy, and You have to work today MJ" Becca explained pulling on our hands "now get up!"

"Fine I'm up" I said getting up and going up to my room almost falling on the steps.

"Wait! You guys watched Frozen without me? Fuck you guys!" I heard Becca yell.

I laughed a little bit and started searching for my clothes.

Hmm... Black skinny jeans? Yep.

Pierce The Veil band shirt... Totally!

Vans? Sure.

Their I'm done I just need my leather jacket and I'm good to go.

Wait I need to go use the bathroom.

"MJ HURRY UP! ITS ALMOST..." Becca yelled. "What time is it?" I heard her ask.

"ITS ALMOST EIGHT" she finished.

I exited my room and ran down stairs.

"I didn't ask for the time" I said jumping as I got to the last step. "Where's Lexy?"

"Oh she left to go change" Becca said opening the door "said she'll be back in 5"

"Ok" I said following her out. "Do you have my keys and phone" I asked.

"Yep" she said handing them to me.

"Let's go check on Lexy" Becca said.

Lexy lives just next door to me, that's how we met, kinda. She got bullied a lot when I first arrived and I always defended her. Once this bitch tried to punch Lexy but I got there just in time to stop the bitch and give her a punch on the face. It was the first time I got suspended from school. The memories. So yeah that's how we became friends.

"LEXY!" Becca yelled.

"I'm almost done!" She yelled from her room.

We waited for a while in the kitchen to see if her parents at least went grocery shopping before they went to their 'business trip'

Yep they did go grocery shopping. I grabbed the gallon of orange juice while Becca grabbed herself some frozen waffles.

"Hey don't drink to much orange juice!" Lexy said entering the kitchen "that's my favorite"

"But this was only my 3rd cup" I frowned.

Lexy rolled her eyes. "Common lets go"

We all got in Becca's car and she dropped me off at the restaurant/cafe I work in. It's an awesome place! Their is a couch and a T.V on one corner, which we only use to watch Football games. Tables set up on one row. And 6 fridges filled up with drink people can come and buy. At the front is where you order your food then theirs a door on the side which leads up to the kitchen and storage room.

This is why I love coming here. What I hate is the clients. Especially the boys, they always try to flirt with me and want to touch my ass. And it really pisses me off. The girls just come in here and right away start judging me. I can tell by the way they look at me.

"Hey MJ!" My boss, Claudia greeted me.

"Hey" I smiled. "Where's Mark?"

"Oh he's not here yet, I think he might be sick since yesterday he said he wasn't feeling so hot"

I nodded and put on my apron. It was only me, Claudia and Mark who worked here. Claudia's dad owns the place and wanted Claudia to run it since she dropped out of school. Mark is Claudia's older brother who just wanted to help Claudia out. He only works her on Mondays and Wednesdays or whenever he can.


"Someone's here, can you go please I need to fix the kitchen" Claudia said.

"Sure" I said

I left the storage room and went to check who came.

"Hi can I help you?" I asked.

"Uh... Yes do you sell food?"

I looked up to see who asked that stupid question. It was a guy, a very cute guy he had green hair which was very unusual to see, he was tall, and noticed he had an Australian accent. That was so cool since I've never heard an Australian accent before, only on like T.V. He was wearing a band t-shirt with skinny jeans and black converse.

"Uhm... Do you?" He asked again nervously.

"Oh yes sorry" I said trying to look away. "Uhm here's the menu" I said handing him a folder.

"Thanks" he said more relaxed.

What the heck happened? I never stare. I went up to the fridge and took a Monster so I could clear up my mind. I'm literally addicted to that drink. It's in my blood. I drink it every day, people say it's bad for me but I don't care, it's my life not theirs.

"Can I have the... Sandwich please?" He asked. Giving me the folder back.

"Sure is that it? You're free to grab anything else" I said gesturing to the fridges and shelf full of chips, chocolate, and candy.

"Woah you have a T.V in here?!" He asked surprised.

"Yeah... You can stay here if you want" I said "and free WiFi" I added. What the fuck is wrong with my mouth?! I don't like when people stay over, I like keeping the place to myself

"This is now my favorite place here!" He said.

"So just the sandwich?" I asked him making sure.

"No I'll add in some chips too" he said grabbing a bag.

"Ok" I smiled adding it up. "That'll be 15 dollars"

"Wait I'll add a drink too... Hold on" he said searching through the drinks. "Can I have a beer?" He asked.

"Yeah whatever" I said. He looked old enough.

"I'm kidding" he said "I'll just have a juice punch" he said taking it out.


"Yeah..." He smiled.

"17 dollars" I said

"Wow it's so cheep" he said taking out his credit card.

"Ok... I'll be back with your sandwich, feel free to use the T.V" I said heading to the kitchen. Ugh I wanted to strangle myself right now. I'm never that nice to boys. It must be the Monster. People are right, Monster is bad, I'm turning nice!

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