Prove Me Wrong

'Falling in love' is stupid. I mean what's the point? You literally waste your time for someone who will dump you in the future. Or make you suffer and imagine a future that will never happen. Why was falling in love even invented anyways? I think I make my point. Nothing will change my mind.


4. cαllѕ σf dutч

Michael's P.O.V

This place was so cool! Telly, couch, food, WIFI! It has everything I need to move in. What sucks is the fact that I'm leaving next week. This was only a short break from our tour.

I sat on the couch and turned on the Telly. Wait... There's an X-Box here? Perfect! I turned on the console and grabbed the control. Calls Of Duty was on. I don't know how long I was sitting there playing, but I was interrupted by the girl who attended me.

She was pretty, I loved her style too. She had red scene hair, piercings, one on her lip and another on her eyebrow. I think she had a tattoo but her shirt's sleeve was covering it up. I could only see a bit of the ink.

"Here's your sandwich" she smiled showing a bit of her dimple. Aww... Wait what?

"thanks" I smiled back.

"If you need anything just shout my name" she said.

I nodded "wait what's your name?" I asked.

"Marcy. But I hate it so just call me MJ like everybody else" she said and left to the kitchen.

At first I was nervous around her, I thought she recognized me and was a fan. Don't get me wrong I love my fans! It's just nice to have a break from girls screaming for my name. I think I might even be going deaf.

I paused the game and started eating. Wow this was good! I wonder if she made it. She looks like she still goes to school hmm... I wonder, how old is she?

Wait! Why am I thinking of her? I set my sandwich aside and continued playing Calls Of Duty. It suddenly got boring. I usually play with Luke.

"MJ!" I shouted.

"Comin!" She shouted back.

She pushed open the door so hard, it swung back and hit her on the face. "Oh Shit!" I heard her mutter.

"Oh god! Are you alright?" I asked running up to her.

"Yeah I'm fine" she said getting of the ground. She took a deep breath and looked up at me.

"Did you call me?" She asked like if nothing just happened.

"Well" I scratched the back of my neck "I just wanted to ask you if you mind playing on the X-Box with me?"

"Oh I would love to play" she smiled "but I have to work"

I looked around, their was nobody here but me and well her.

"Really?" I asked

"Fine" she laughed. "I'll play"

I smiled and went back to the couch.

"What are we playing?" She said sitting next to me.

"Uhm Calls Of Duty" I told her.

"Love that game" she said grabbing the controller.

"Great!" I smiled.

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