Angel with a shotgun || A.I

Ashton irwin has been my best friend since i can remember,but as 3 new boys move into the neighbourhood thinks get slightly tricky.


6. Threats

Savvy POV

As Calum turned round i couldnt help but smirk.

-what you smirking at ? Ashton looked puzzled

I told him about the note and he started laughing,

Michael looked around at us then looked at calum and back at us,and turned back around

Ashtons POV

I was just relieved that sav had no interest in any of the new boys especially that Calum boy,i could tell he was bad news

The bell rang and i walked out of class with savvy i could feel eyes boring into me and saw both Calum and Michael glaring at me and savvy,i shook it off and asked savvy if she wanted to come over after school and we could do a cover,obviously she agreed and we went seperate ways to are next classes .

Savvy POV

I walked alone to my next class,when suddenly a dark figure came out of nowhere and pinned me to the locker,i tried to scream but the person had his hand over my mouth,i looked up and saw two familiar eyes a dark brown,a stare that could kill you on the spot.


-Well hello there,promise not to shout and ill take my hand away.

I nodded,as he took his hand away i gasped fot air.

-what do you want Calum?

-your awefully rude you know

I spat at him,and he glared at me,but i didnt back down.

-no one absolutely no one spits at Calum Hood

-i just did,i replied smirking

-yes,indeed you did,i suppose ill just have to punish you then

I stared wide eyed at him what was he going to do...

Michael POV ( yahhhhh :3 kitten Power)

I walked along the hallway i had my next class with that weird kid Ashton,Calum had told me to sort him out i approached him from behind and tapped his shoulder,he turned around and i punched him

-Dude!!! What the Bloody hell was that!!!

I realized his lip was bleeding

-you need to take a step away from savvy

-why would i do that he growled at me shes my bestfriend.

-i see the way you look at her,you want her to be more then a bestfriend and no ones going to steal Calums girl

-savvy is not Calums

-she will be soon,one way or another...

-what do you way or another...?

-well either she will be his girl by wanting to be or he will force her.

-i wont let you

-unless you want savvy getting hurt i would take a step back... I warned

I walked away leaving Ashton lost in shock

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