Angel with a shotgun || A.I

Ashton irwin has been my best friend since i can remember,but as 3 new boys move into the neighbourhood thinks get slightly tricky.


4. Slipping Notes

Ashtons POV:

I saw sav walk into school...with...oh no...three boys they probably were the new boys...

One with blonde hair spoke to her she said something back and walked over to me

-sooo.. Who were they?

-the new boys


-dont worry Ash i wont ditch you for them,i was just showing them the way to school

-oh okay i said slightly happier

-shall we go to class ashy?


We walked to are class in are class we had two of the new boys the blonde one and the blue haired one,as we sat in our seats the door opened and the other new boy walked in,great i thought all three of them in are first hour class,i looked over to at sav to see what she was thinking...

Savvys POV:

Oh great,really does the school hate me that much to put me in the same class as both of them Calum sat in front of me and Michae infront of Ash on the other line of tables.Just then Ash whispered to me

-arent we lucky?

-extremely i giggled a little to loudly as luke and Calum turned round to me and Calum said

-what are you laughing at?

-Oh nothing that concerns you.Maybe.i laugh and so does Ashton

Michael then turned round and said:

-so whos your boyfriend?

Ashton replied

-im her best friend dickhead,not her boyfriend

-ohhh sorry fluffy

-hey!leave him alone his hair isnt fluffy its just curly

-awww were sorry babe said calum

-i said not to call me that!


Ashton who knew how much i hated my name,turned to Calum and said:

-Will you bloody shut your mouth asshole and leave savvy alone

-yes sir,he laughed with his friends,then turned round.

Ashton just groaned and said:

Your right,complete assholes

I just laugh and said im always right!

Indeed you are sav indeed you are

The teacher started the class and five minutes into it Calum slipped me a note,i read it and gaped my mouth open at what it read i looked up at Calum and he winked at me and smirked,i went to read it again just to make sure id read it correctly,it read...

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