Angel with a shotgun || A.I

Ashton irwin has been my best friend since i can remember,but as 3 new boys move into the neighbourhood thinks get slightly tricky.


1. Skittles & Jellybeans

Savvy POV

All i could hear was Ashtons high pitched screaming as i splashed him with water

-ill get you back for that!!

-not if u cant catch me!

-is that a challenge?

-maybe.. I giggle

Before i know im thrown over his shoulder and he throws me into the pool



-your so annoying,i say getting out of the pool drenched

-you know you love me really




-yes,he takes a step towards me we were right at the edge of the pool.

-NOOOO i say pushing him into the pool,he managed to grab onto my hand and pull me in with him

My mom walks out of the house,takes one glance at us,shakes her head and walks back inside the house.

I just look at Ash and we both burst out laughing.

Once we had dryed off and changed into dry clothes he got a text from his mom

-what does it say??

-she wants me to come home,he sighs

-see you tommorow,skittles

-bye,Jelly bean

He gives me a hug and leaves out the door.

I walked up to my bedroom when Ashton left,my bedroom was a very light blue and was plastered in bad posters and me and Ashton as kids and young teenagers,he has been my best friend since i could remember,its probably about 10 years now...

Very short chapter i know ! Its just getting started 🙈

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