Angel with a shotgun || A.I

Ashton irwin has been my best friend since i can remember,but as 3 new boys move into the neighbourhood thinks get slightly tricky.


2. Rumor has it...

Savvy's POV:

That morning Ashton picked me up in his old pickup truck we both loved it to bits,it had the loudest radio,the old leather seats were half ripped and it sounded like a tractor but we have millions of memories inside that truck...

I put Ashton's Green dayalbum on and cranked the music up to the loudest,we came into the school car park with music blaring out of the car and i saw at least 50 people stare at us as we got out of Ash's truck,we walked into the school building,and to are lockers

Thats when Ash turned around to me and said:

-have you heard??

-about..?i said getting some books out my locker

-rumor has it theres 2 new boys coming to the school

-oh? I said when??


-great i said sarcastically

-apparently there the next "hot thing"

I giggled at how he said hot thing

-oh well

-blaa lets get to class sav


*In Class*

Ashtons POV:(cause why not ?)

I took my seat next to Sav,i wanted to see what she thought of the new guys,i hoped she didnt like any of them at the moment it seemed ahe didnt,but then again she hasnt seem them yet,no one would steal her away from me,no one really knew but i liked Savvy alot more then a friend ...

Savvys POV:

The teacher was drowning on about limits or something i looked over at Ashton and he was almost asleep,i kicked him under the table

-Hey! Whats was that for? He whispered

-you were almost asleep i said trying not to laugh

-Was not !! He sounder like a 9 year old right now but then again,he always does anyway

-whatever you say Ashy

-i hate you

-nawh i hate you to !

*end of class*

We drove home from school,the exact same way as we drove to school,music blaring,bobbing heads and loud singing.As he stopped at my house i asked if he wanted to come in and as we walked up to my house i saw a moving truck unloading stuff,there were 2 men who looked like they worked for the moving company and two

younger lads,from where i was i could see one had blue hair,one had black hair and i wondrtrd if they were the new guys.I really hoped thats wasnt true ...

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