Angel with a shotgun || A.I

Ashton irwin has been my best friend since i can remember,but as 3 new boys move into the neighbourhood thinks get slightly tricky.


3. Just My Luck

Savvy POV

Ashes car broke down this morning so i told him ill walk and ill meet him there,as i set out 20 minutes earlier then usuall,i passed that house witch i saw the 2 boys,and just my luck they were just coming out the house,arguing witch direction the school was,thats when they saw me,just my luck...

The blue haired one said:

-HEY!do you go to Ridge High School

I should of just walked away but instead i opened my mouth:


-would u mind showing us where it is babe said the black hair one said

Nope i dont like them i mean seriously BABE! He doesnt even know me,i decide to just act cool

-ohh,i dont know...whats in it for me?

-you get a kiss said the black hair one

-in that case...i took a couple steps closer to him on purpose and then when i was right in his face...ill pass

-wait!said the blue haired one we really need help gettin there these idiots have no sense of direction and well i dont either he said awkwardly please please help us

-dude,dont beg ! The black haired one said

-do u want to go to school or not cal!

So his name was cal?

-not really muttered cal

-well to bad were going,he turned back to me and said:so will you help us?

I puffed out "sure i suppose"

-thanks blue said,im Michael by the way,and thats calum,pointing at the black haired one

-urm nice to meet you...i guees

-whats your name?


-is that short for something?

-yeah,Savannah but i dont like it so you can call me Savvy or Sav

-OKAY,Savannah,Calum smirked at me


-ignore him said michael

We walked to school it was quite quiet the ocasional remark from Cal trying to make conversation,and there was once when Michael said LOOK A RAINBOW! But i suppose there just really weird...

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