The Lost Son Daniel

A lost soul 16 year old drug dealer runs away from his house & then everything changes


1. Chapter 1 The Lost Son Daniel

     The rain was loud coming down from the great treacherous storm clouds. Daniel had only his Pink Floyd hoodie to protect him from the cruel forces of Mother Nature. It had rained for two weeks straight. This was Daniel’s third night of being away from home. Sure home was warm and all that but home was not sweet. Daniel’s mom was what you’d call a slut.

    She died of a drug overdose when Daniel was only six and his dad was a alcoholic who abused other drugs as well, his father was never the same the day his wife passed. After that day Daniel’s father was lost to the rabbit hole and he would never be able to be saved only to spiral down and down. Daniel’s dad was never around mentally or physically but whenever he saw Daniel there was usually conflict, Rick (Daniel’s dad) regularly beats Daniel. Daniel never had any bond with Rick. Daniel didn't look up to his father; he didn't really look up to anyone really. He’s not even sure if he loves anyone in this world cause his lack of knowledge of love.

   He never even felt the love of caring parents. Sometimes he wonders how things would be if he had a mother. Would he still have to sell pot just so he could feed himself Mchickens?

      The rain has stopped for the minute in this dark wet alleyway. Daniel sees it as the perfect time to roll a fat blunt. He begins to breakdown his dense chunky trees throwing away little pieces of stems. He takes the wrap holding his favorite dutch out of his pocket, it’s a blueberry swisher. He then proceeds to roll up a nice fat blunt that burned the slowest. If Daniel did love something it was sweet bad bitch Mary Jane. Whether her hair was orange or purple he’d smoke her to the end, and tonight the end was close. Daniel heard footsteps splashing closer and closer.

     The hood was like a shadow and he stood tall about six feet. “sorry the male prostitute is in the alleyway across the street.” Daniel said, “Real funny kid but I want what you got.” The hood responded, which then he proceeded to flick his switchblade out. But before Daniel could get to his feet he is stabbed twice in the right side of the chest. In pain but still alive Daniel goes and gets into a struggle with the hood. Fighting for his life Daniel makes sure he get’s as many good licks on the hood. Daniel’s doing good it looks like he might win but then the hood gets a hold of a pipe and beams the shit out of Daniel’s temple with enough force to kill a man. Daniel is out cold and there bleeding out of his wounds.


   A sharp ringing filled his ears as he felt himself leave his body. The feeling he felt was a feeling he never felt before. He could see himself out cold in a pool of burgundy blood. It was way more different than seeing yourself in a mirror it was like seeing a tangible version of yourself or like looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes, basically like living in a third person perspective. He wasn’t sure if he was dead living in some kind of limbo or a spirit doomed to wonder the earth for the rest of time or maybe he was just having a out of body experience. All he knew is that the whole thing felt unrealistic and he just hoped this was all a dream and he was safe at home just dreaming but the truth is he wasn’t dreaming at all and nothing will ever be the same again.

    Then suddenly a Godly voice came out saying “Daniel, my son I have been watching you all your life.” “Dad is that you?” Daniel replied. “No, I am God your heavenly father, you are lost from the faith and you have many demons but I want to give you one more chance and expose you to the passion of Christ consciousness. So I can turn you into a saint, a guardian angel, a messenger sent from God” God told him in his deep calming, peaceful voice “And what happens if I decline your offer?” Daniel asked. “Then you will burn in hell for eternity” God replied. “This is all a dream your bluffing I bet you won’t send me to hell” Daniel said in disbelief. “will as you wish son Daniel” said God.

     Then suddenly Daniel felt his body heating up and then there was a horrible wretched stench of his own flesh rotting and burning at the same time. ”Oh God please forgive me for my sins I was so blind to the faith, God please help me. SAVE ME! I NEED YOU LORD!” Daniel cried hoping he still had a chance of getting his salvation.

      Then suddenly God reached into the pits of hell to pick up Daniel and bring him back. “Now I’m not going to bring you back to life yet you are going to stay in a coma while I take you back to your past, Lets start with the first day of the school year” God said to Daniel. After that Daniel stayed quite cause he didn't wan’t to upset God anymore, he actually feared him so he excepted his fate.

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