To Fall For a Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is your normal, late, nearly always care free leaf ninja. Not many people can say bad things about him. Well there's one thing... he's slightly perverted.... Ever read Makeout Paradise? It's by Jiraiya one of the legendary Sanin. It's his favourite book. So what happens when a couple of old faces from the past turn up? Who knows? Only time can tell!


4. 4

"Now now Lee, let's not get a head of ourselves here. Your Tai-jutsu skills are amazing and all but-"

"But nothing! Naruto can't beat me! I will beat him and then when he becomes Hokage, I'll beat him again! Then I can win Sakura's love...."

Kakashi sighed watching as Lee looked up before looking back at him. He had just started training Lee and, Lee wanted to learn a jutsu. He could understand that Lee might want to beat Naruto but he couldn't piece together where Sakura's 'love' came into this. He watched the determined boy carefully.

"Well Lee, you see Naruto gets stronger by the day and....he wants Hokage so bad that I don't think my training will help you." He paused for a second before carrying on. "You cant use Gen-jutsu or-look. What I'm trying to say is that you can only use Tai-jutsu whereas I specialize more in the others so you're better off training with Guy than training with me. He is the Tai-justsu specailist after all...."

The child with the black hair and mono-brow looked at him in disappointment. "Ah! Naruto gets stronger everyday! I can't let him-"

Kakashi turned away from him blocking him out as his thoughts distanced themselves from the task at hand. He turned around to face the opposite direction.

"Soon? Soon could be now or later!" He whined causing Lee to stare at him shocked. "Oh sorry Lee, I didn't catch what you were saying." Kakashi told him as he realised Lee had gone quiet. Lee went to say something before pointing at him as a bush moved. "Hmm..." He turned around glancing behind him. 

"Come on Kakashi Sensei-"

"I'm not your Sensei come here I want to teach you a sign which can be used for part of a Tai-jutsu move." Lee looked at him confused. "I know that I said before about you not being able to use any of the other Jutsu's but I think this one doesn't require any Chakra." Lee nodded walking towards him. "Stay on the ground!" As soon as Lee was within hands reach, he pushed him to the ground jumping over him. As soon as he saw the bush move again.

"What's-? What's going-? Behind you!" Lee shouted at him noticing the kunai aimed at Kakashi's back.

"No." Lee rolled over jumping up to his feet. "I will not lose today."

Kakashi watched as the hooded figure stared at him intently. "So it's you again? I'd have thought that you would've gone by now...although I'll give you credit for that trap you pulled on me last time. I only know one person who has been clever enough to pull that type of trick on me and he's not you." 

"Oh really why not?"

Kakashi smiled, his one eye bending into almost a semi-circle shape. "He was much cleverer than you and would conceal his presence longer before attacking. Now let's get down to the real business here."

The stranger stared at him for a second. "I'm much cleverer than you are-I mean both of you! Bring him here and I'll show you!" 

Kakashi glanced at Lee before moving his arm up to lift the headband from over his other eye. "No can do, I haven't seen him for the past...ten years."

"Not this time!" 

Kakashi jumped back, his hand instantly dropping from the headband. The Kunai blades hitting the floor as Kakashi reached for his own blades.

"I'm finishing this here!" Lee jumped at him his fist clenched ready to hit them.

"No Lee, don't go near him!" Kakashi jumped in front of him as the blade dug itself into him. Lee watched in horror as he hit the floor.

"Kakashi Sensei!" Lee shouted. The figure laughed before a 'poof' sounded causing him to go quiet. Kakashi was gone.

"A clone!" He moved forwards jumping to the floor. "Where are you Copy-nin!" He shouted looking around. "Are you a-"

He stopped feeling the blade resting against his skin. "Go on say it. Finish the question." Kakashi dared him pushing the blade a little closer to his neck. "Good. Now my turn. Who are you?"

"You should already know that Hatake Kakashi."

"Really and why is that?" He asked him.

"Because I'm your worst nightmare." He made a hand sign as Kakashi went to finish it. "I told you I'm cleverer than you." He told him with a smile before a sudden darkness erupted from his body allowing him to instantly disappear from view.

"Lee! Go back to the village and warn everyone now!" Kakashi shouted at him as he darted off in the other direction. "I'm going to find them!" He carried on as if he could sense Lee's question. Lee nodded, instantly running back to the village to warn them.


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