To Fall For a Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is your normal, late, nearly always care free leaf ninja. Not many people can say bad things about him. Well there's one thing... he's slightly perverted.... Ever read Makeout Paradise? It's by Jiraiya one of the legendary Sanin. It's his favourite book. So what happens when a couple of old faces from the past turn up? Who knows? Only time can tell!


3. 3-Rival Appears

Deeper into the woods, Kakashi searched around the trees and greenery thoroughly, hoping upon hope he will run into that mysterious silhouette he saw earlier. But when he reached a certain spot in the forest, he ducked, for a large log came swinging towards his head, attached to a rope tied to a branch.

"That attack..." Kakashi thought in his head, "Only one person has ever attacked me in that way before."

The log rebound, and this time the Copy-Nin was ready. Using just his hands, he managed to stop the log from swinging again. And that is when the masked figure jumped down from the branch the log was attached to, and caught Kakashi off guard. He ran forward with a kunai in his grip and cut a nearby rope. It activated a trap planted right under Kakashi's feet, but Kakashi managed to escape the trap before it swung him upside down.

"There's only one person who can set a trap as effective as that." Kakashi thought again, avoiding all the shuriken the masked figure was throwing at him, "But he has been gone for ten years now. It's impossible. Is it?"

Again, he could not think for long, because another trap was activated, this time it was a load of paper bombs which had been placed on the trunks and branches of the trees surrounding Kakashi.

"Got you now." the masked figure smiled, snapping his fingers, setting off all the bombs into a loud and bright explosion, but when the smoke subsided, the figure had a surprise, "Huh?" he gaped.

In Kakashi's place, a thick piece of wood, with burn marks and splinters all over the place.

"Impressive." Kakashi droned from behind the masked figure, "But lets see what you can do against this."

The masked figure was caught off guard giving enough time for Kakashi to attack. He lunged forward and shouted, "Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu! One Thousand Years of Death!" and, to the shock of the mystery figure, Kakashi thrusted his fingers at his ass! And he was sent flying into the trees, screaming in a rather feminine way.

Kakashi chuckled slightly to himself and followed the direction of which the figure went. Further into the forest he heard a loud groan coming from one of the trees. The figure had landed face first into a tree and was still recovering.

"Uhh." the figure groaned, rubbing the painful spot with his hand as he slid down the trunk and to the floor.

This gave Kakashi a bit of time to observe the new rival. He was a rather tanned muscular man, very well built around the chest and around six foot tall. His eyes were a warm chocolate brown colour, and by the look of the marks around his eyes, Kakashi had a feeling the stranger was no older than him, possibly a little bit younger.

The man managed to regain his feet again, as he stood up, standing as if he were constipated.

"Impressive jutsu, huh?" Kakashi smiled under his mask and cocking his head to one side.

"Th...that..." the man began, going slightly pink in the face. Then his eyes widened in embarrassment, "That was no jutsu! You just poked me with your fingers! What the Hell was that?! Are you just trying to humiliate me?!"

"You're not very good at hiding your identity are you?" Kakashi challenged the stranger.

The man snorted, "What do you mean by that?"

"Well." Kakashi began, "I now know your eye colour, how tall you are, what kind of jutsus you know, what your voice sounds like. This will make you very easy to track down in the future." Kakashi touched one of his fingers for every point he made.

"Unh." the man growled, looking away from the Copy-Nin, "Still as smart-ass as ever."

"Ass being the appropriate word." Kakashi commented, still noticing the guy was still clutching his butt. 

The masked man sighed before rolling his eyes and turning around, "I'm outta here. Don't try and follow me!" and with that, the 'mysterious figure' left.

"Huh." Kakashi sighed, turning around. But then he stopped in his tracks. Attached to the tree behind him a small note was pinned to the trunk.

Kakashi tore the note off the tree and read the note. It was written in pretty script handwriting.

Looks like you managed to find my fool of an ex. I knew he would follow me wherever I go. It won't be long now Kakashi. Then we shall finally meet. I look forward to meeting the Copy-Nin and find out his abilities.

Give me a few days and then I shall see you. Meet me at the place the unthinkable happened. The place you admitted your feelings for the first time. The place you saw everything leave you behind.

I told you I would meet you soon.


There was no name underneath the note, and that left Kakashi a little bit confused. A lot of unthinkable things have happened in his life, so he has absolutely no idea where this place could be.

"Kick of a thousand leaves!" a familiar voice shouted, sending an almighty kick at Kakashi, and Kakashi was way too occupied with the note to notice it coming, so Kakashi was kicked off his feet and sent flying into a nearby tree, "Ha ha, guess that makes us equal now. Forty five victories each!"

Kakashi groaned, rubbing the top of his head, "Ha ha." he laughed sarcastically, "Very good Guy. What are you doing out here?"

"Looking for you!" Guy replied, dusting down his jacket and hoisting Kakashi to his feet, "You've been gone for two hours, and just before you were going to tell Lee the new jutsu he was going to learn."

"Ah, so that's what all this is about." Kakashi replied, walking back to the village with Guy trailing behind him.

"No, no it's...." Guy continued to babble on and on.

But Kakashi was not listening. He was more concerned with the note he found. What on earth was the note telling him. Nothing was making sense to him at the moment.

"I guess I shall just have to carry on with my normal life until I find out more information." Kakashi sighed loudly.

"Huh? Oh am I boring you?" Guy asked, looking a little bit miffed Kakashi was not listening to him, as usual.

"Huh? What was that?" Kakashi asked, turning around to Guy, a blank expression in his one eye.

"Urgh!" Guy groaned loudly, looking up at the sky in annoyance, "You never listen to anything I say and I...."

This is a normal conversation for Guy and Kakashi, but somehow Kakashi can put up with it.

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