To Fall For a Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is your normal, late, nearly always care free leaf ninja. Not many people can say bad things about him. Well there's one thing... he's slightly perverted.... Ever read Makeout Paradise? It's by Jiraiya one of the legendary Sanin. It's his favourite book. So what happens when a couple of old faces from the past turn up? Who knows? Only time can tell!


2. 2 - Now


"Sorry I'm late Guy! You see there was this black cat that seemed to walk out in front of me so...I had to..." The black haired man stared at the platinum blonde ninja in front of him. The ninja had white skin with a black eye visible just next to a headband. The headband sloped diagonally over his face covering his other eye, a leaf carved into the middle of the silver plate on it, the material a navy blue. The rest of his face was covered by a black mask which ran down his neck into an all in one ninja suite. He had a green buffalo jacket over it. His platinum blonde hair spiked off his head, his tone a care free casual one.

"Dammit Kakashi! Your always late for these things!" Kakashi stared at Guy. Guy had a black bowl type haircut with tanned skin and a thick black monobrow going across his face. He too sported the same look as Kakashi except he wore a dark green all in one suit without the mask. His head band was also around his waist instead of his head. "You promised Lee that you would train him today!" He always had a cheesy smile stuck to his face.

"I believe I promised you Guy and anyway my squad don't usually complain about it." He laughed to himself a little turning it into a cough as Guy glared at him. "I don't see why you're angry anyway. I mean I still have the whole day with Lee-"

"Kakashi my life long enemy... it's five in the evening." Kakashi shrugged his shoulders at him a smile creeping onto his face. "It needs to be carried on tomorrow!" Kakashi sighed "what are you sighing at?!" He shouted swinging a fist towards his face. Guy's eyes widened as he hit the floor. "That hurt Kakashi!"

Kakashi let go of his arm allowing Guy to hit the floor with a 'thud.' "I never said that I wouldn't carry it on til tomorrow. That's what I planned to do." He told him with a thud "now where is Lee?"

"From the village hidden in the leaves, Konoha, comes the kick of a thousand leaves!" Kakashi turned dropping his copy of Makeout Paradise onto the floor. He took hold of the leg, stopping it an inch from his face. He swung around throwing the young boy towards a tree. "Ayah! The second hidden leaf tai-jutsu move! The village of the flying rocks!" 

Kakashi looked at him confused before his eyes shot to their surroundings. Guy laughed at him. "Guy... what's going on?" He asked him through gritted teeth. The rocks around them lifted up into the air causing him to jump back. "What's going on Guy?" He repeated his eyes darting around glancing at each of the rocks. 

"You're confused aren't you Kakashi sensei?" Lee laughs "and the rocks come crashing down!" He jumped back as the first one came down in front of him, a crater forming in the ground as the rock slit. 

"Tiger, Boar, Ox and Dragon..." He stopped after the fourth hand sign. "Barrier of air! Impenetrable air barrier jutsu!" Lee stopped and stared in awe as the rocks came down splitting into shreds as they came to contact with the barrier. "Dog, Boar, Bird! The sound of the screeching birds! Ear splitter jutsu!"

He closed his eye as soon as the screech erupted around them. "What...? Kakashi stop it! Wait! This jutsu!" Kakashi smiled as he opened his eye both Guy and Lee covered there ears. "This jutsu Kakashi, you're going to use it?!" 

The screeching died down as Kakashi smiled at them happily. "I don't understand why I should not use it. It is a jutsu I learned... anyway I think it's time that we-" He voice halted as noticed a shadow in the tree. He stared at it for a second before turning to Guy, Guy staring back at him. "You don't think...?" Guy stayed silent "so soon after the exam...?" Guy nodded, Kakashi turned to Lee. "I'm sorry Lee but... can we do this tomorrow...? I promise I'll teach you a cool tai-jutsu move...?"

"A... cool... tai-jutsu... move...?" Kakashi and Guy nodded, Kakashi sighing as Lee jumped up and down on the spot. He watched Lee more carefully. Lee looked the spitting image of Guy, the same monobrow, the same bowl cut type haircut, the same black hair and the same cheesy grin. "Then sensei I will take your offer and I will see you tomorrow for my training!" 

"That's good, now Guy... I'll see you tomorrow yes?" Guy nodded as Kakashi turned around. "Well then I'll see you soon" he smiled again as he jumped off the floor taking off towards the woods.


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