No Escape (Narry, Marry, Miall)

If you listen to Harry Styles all he wanted to do was try kissing a guy. His curiosity was getting the better of him and he needed to put to rest that nagging feeling that he might be gay.
Admittedly, Niall Horan is dubious, though certainly not hesitant and after the first kiss, all he wants is more.
And then there's Michael Clifford, the perfect guy, some may say too perfect.
Putting their hearts on the line is the last thing they expected, if it weren't for that kiss.
This is Narry (Niall and Harry), Miall (Michael and Niall), and Marry (Michael and Harry)
THIS IS BOYXBOY fiction so if that isn't to your liking, please venture elsewhere. It is also VERY PG-13.


9. I Heard It From A Friend

"What are you doing?" Harry pulled me tighter against him, wrapping his arms around my chest, his lips just behind my ear.

"Nothing." I guess he could feel my smile.

"No, just now, what were you doing?"

This time I laughed. "Do you have a cat?" I burrowed my face in my pillow, still laughing.


"Okay." I tried to pull a straight face. "Then this is gonna sound stupid. I... I was purring." I laughed again. I couldn't help myself. I tried covering my face, certain I was blushing.

"Purring?" He turned me until I was lying on my back. One of his legs was under me, while the other he draped across my thighs. "That has to be the cutest thing I have ever..."

I rolled my head on the pillow to look at him. "You ever tell anyone, and I'll end you."

It was his turn to laugh. "Oh okay, tough guy." He feigned panic, until I reached down between us and grabbed him. "I know your kryptonite." He thrust against my grip.

"That's not kryptonite." He grabbed both my hands and pushed them above my head as he climbed on top of me. He leaned in and stole a kiss. I lifted my head trying to keep contact but he pulled away. Then he dove in for another, plucking kisses like flowers. I was pinned firmly. 

"Not fair," I whined.

We were both suddenly hard, him thrusting slowly between my legs. I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his waist as he stabbed me, teasing me. He gained entrance, thrusting in deep. He let my hands go, wrapping his arms under mine, holding me in place as he thrust again and again. I clawed at his back and bit his shoulder to keep from yelling. I wrapped my legs tighter around him. I tried pushing back against his thrusts, wanting him deeper inside of me. Each thrust was more fervent. He threaded an arm under and around my waist, the other arm he planted against the mattress and pushed. Before I knew it we were upright and I was impaled on him, him leaning back on one taut muscled arm, thrusting deep into me and hitting that mysterious spot. I lost all control and came. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit." The friction of his abs against my cock was an exquisite torture. I tried to pull away, but he held me firm with one arm, thrusting harder and harder until he quickly pulled out, sending a stream of come splashing across my chest. His head was thrown back, eyes pinched closed, every muscle was taut and his roar filled the room. He collapsed atop me, gasping for breath. I wrapped my arms around him. I didn't want to let go, I couldn't.

His phone rang. He groaned against my neck. He tried to get up but I held fast. "Don't answer." The light green glow of his phone against the wall winked out. I sighed against his chest. I burrowed against him, soaking up his body heat.

His phone rang again.


"Harry, don't."

He disentangled himself and reached over the nightstand. Grabbing his phone, I saw him grimace. "Shit." He climbed out of bed, his back to me.

"Hey," Harry whispered.

I could hear Kari, her voice shrill.

"Babe. Don't worry. I... I know. I know I was supposed to call you. I'm sorry... Babe. Listen. Kari... Kari... Would you let me talk! Listen. I locked my keys in the car. That's all. No... I got a ride home for the spare and then hung out with a friend... No... No. That's all. I swear. Kari. You know I love you... What?... What? With who? Kari, come on. Really? You think I would...So why would you believe something like that?..."

I crawled out of bed and went to the window. I grabbed my pack of Marlboro's and a lighter and climbed out. I could see my breath. I closed the window, hoping I wouldn't hear anymore of Harry's conversation. Shadows stretched across my yard under the streetlights and I saw a cat's yellow eyes peering up at me. When I lit my cigarette, it skittered away. I could hear it running through the leaves. I pulled my blank up against the cold.

I heard Harry open the window. I could smell our sex. I took a long pull on the cigarette and stared out at nothing.

"Niall." He reached for my shoulder but I jerked away from his touch. "Niall."

"Don't... Don't call me that."


"You've known me for a fucking month, over a month and have never called me that. It's always been Horan. Until last night."

"Look, Ni-"

"I said, don't fucking call me that!" Somewhere I heard a dog barking. "I could hear her." I glanced back at him and got the satisfaction of seeing him blanch. "Kari. I could hear what she was saying. That you were with 'that fag Niall Horan'." I wiped at my eyes with my shoulder, my teeth starting to chatter.

"Ni-," Harry started.

"God damn it! Shut the fuck up. Look. You got what you wanted." I struggled with my lighter to relight my cigarette; my hands were shaking. "Now you know." Harry stared at me blankly. "What all the fuss is about."

"Come inside. It's too cold out here. Come back to bed."

My laugh was angry. "Do me a favor, Styles. Get the fuck out of my house. Get the fuck out of my life. Just go the fuck away."


"I'm serious. I don't want to know you. If I could forget..." I took a long drag on my cigarette and stared at the streetlight. I could see moths flitting in and around the halo of yellow light.

I heard him getting dressed. I saw the swatch of bright light as he came out the front door. I watched him walk away, hearing footsteps diminish in the night. Then I let myself cry.


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