Mystery Boy (Jai edition)

Its about a girl going to california to study and bumping into a really creepy yet hot boy on the way, which leads them to a very happy ending.


4. The Night Of Nights

He leaves and says "check the bed" A note, dress and some nice shoes + a necklace "meet me at the restaurant downstairs at 7 wear these see ya x" you smile, spin around and bite your lip "eekkkhhh" you squeal.

 You come down, hair did, clothes on and Jai in a suit escorting you in holding out your chair then pushing it in once you've sat down, you both make eye contact and smile "Heres to the beautiful y/n" you blush and close your eyes with your hand ahh he pushes your hand out of the way "Stop being shy, you know you're beautiful"

you pushed you hair at the back of your ear "awwwwr Jai you're so sweet" you bite your lip and smile.You have a great night playing footsie under the table, after a fine afternoon he drop you off to your room

You enter and you both sit down he pushes your hair back and cups your face and kisses you, you were surprised and kissed back and smiled.

You opened his shirt he unzipped your dress he push you onto the bed gently and kisses your neck,  you smile cup his face bring him up to your lips and say "I Love You" you kiss him and he replies

"I" kisses you "Love You Too" you spin and you're on top of him and you both kiss, snog and everything and from that day on you've been together for a really long time.

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