Mystery Boy (Jai edition)

Its about a girl going to california to study and bumping into a really creepy yet hot boy on the way, which leads them to a very happy ending.


2. Playing Hard To Get Much

You slapped his hand away and said "Hey i'm not interested" you walked away your hair flung in the direction you left , you smiled and bit your lip as you were thinking "omg he so cute, awwwwrr".

You're making your way towards the plane and noticed he was behind you, you turned and smiled your curls blocking your face as he scratched his head and smiled to the ground his dimple showing. He was going california just like you. 

He sat a few rows behind you and he kept walking passed you just to look at you several times and this time you looked back but he was already looking at you. You looked back at your mini TV, hours passed and you've reached California it was beautiful, \

you rushed passed people before Jai could come after you and distract you because you had to find a cab and book your room at the hotel you are going to stay in. 

You went to collect your luggage at the luggage area and your suitcase was pretty heavy, you pulled it; it fell and it felt lighter Jai?, he caught it before it could fall. "wow you are everywhere aren't you" trying to play hard to get " yup i follow stunning girls like your self, who are my age 19?"

You were a bit creeped out but you looked passed that because he was so sweet and handsome. "How do you know my age?" he looked down " i kinda looked at your passport hehe" he smirked, you walked away with your suitcase,

he walked behind you trying to keep up "Why do you keep following me?" you smile awkwardly, he replies "well you seem lost and i do not want a pretty girl lost in this big beautiful place" you smile as you exit the airport, you get a cab, Jai makes him self at home in the same cab as you, and puts both yours and his suitcases in the boot and you're thinking wtf

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