Mystery Boy (Jai edition)

Its about a girl going to california to study and bumping into a really creepy yet hot boy on the way, which leads them to a very happy ending.


1. California babeyy

You were going on holiday California maybe?, yes you loved that place.You were moving on from your past relationships with guys which was a roller-coaster for you. You had left and said your goodbyes to your family and friends on your way to the airport to California to start fresh, you're in the car seeing the airport few minutes away thinking of how your life could change.

Your parents dropped you off at the airport "Bye mum" you smiled as she kissed your forehead, "be safe and make nice friends, call me when you reach there. okay?" you shook your head as you giggled "okay. 

Mum love you" you hugged her "love you too hunny" as she entered the car, your dad waved in the car as they left, you waved until the car passed.

You were dropping off your luggage, you had your laptop bag and a big heavy suitcase and made your way to the boarding pass section gave the pass and stay there until the plane arrives, you were on your way to sit when a dude went passed you in a penny-board and dropped all your stuff on the floor, his penny-board screeched as he came towards you.

You look up your curly hair flowing as you lifted your head and he looked at you, you stared at him his face his gorgeous face but you didn't say anything and you were speaking "hello what are you doing?,

are you crazy? hello? hello" he didn't reply, he shook is head "sorry but you're so beautiful" he helped you pick up your stuff and he introduced him self "Hey i'm Jai, Jai Brooks"

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