Mystery Boy (Jai edition)

Its about a girl going to california to study and bumping into a really creepy yet hot boy on the way, which leads them to a very happy ending.


3. Are You Coming With Me? Oh Hell Nah

You jump into the cab and so does he giggling, the cab driver asks where you need to go, you both reply together "millenium cali hotel" you both look at each other and smile. This long journey made you tired so you fell a sleep in the cab,

The window opened the wind blowing in your face, Jai was just staring at you while you sleep and you hair was blowing in your face itching you he pushes you hair to the side and you woke up and was shocked ahhh, "afternoon" he smirks "afternoon? have we not reached there yet"

he goes "we have we are infront of the hotel" he gets his suitcase nd your suitcase out of the boot "woooooow" you say in a unison with Jai. He pulls you as the hotel staff help you out and take your stuff to your booked rooms and Jai goes to his room and you go to yours "ahhhhh"

You say as you fall into your bed. Straight after your luggage was dropped off, you took a shower and got relaxed, you came out with soaking wet hair and white towel on and there was a knock at the door you scream "Its open!" Jai jumps into the room "Y/N MY LOVE" and..

 you scream and jump back into the bathroom "Jai get the fuck out of my room can't you see i'm kind of naked" he closes his eyes trying to find you "ooppssiieess" he says he holds his arms out looking for you and he finds you he squeezes something you lick your teeth "ummmm Jai you kind of squeezed my boob.. yeah"

He takes his hand off "oh shit sorry" he starts to laugh, he opens his eyes "Oh My, you look hot all wet and stuff mmmm" he says as you balance on the wall, you push him out of the door saying "go go Jai let me get changed" 

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