The Vampire That Sung (working title)

When you think of the word 'Vampire' what do you think of? Big, scary, gorgeous and arrogant, wanting to suck every human in their way? Maybe you even think of those ones from Twilight, where they sparkle in the daylight? Or that they are Gothic, emo and brooding? Not Ida Cromwell. Ida is reserved, shy, a little cocky and has an over protective family that is set on doing whatever it takes to save her from the human race-even if it means going against the rules and exposing themselves...


1. Prologue-The Change.

        Grunting in pain, I felt sweat dribbling down my forehead and back like a gushing waterfall. It felt-and probably looked-disgusting. I wished my mother and whatever current older brother in my room to go away. I don't see why they thought I needed an audience, even if they did say it was to help me afterwards. My gums itched, my eyeballs itched, my fingers, my everything itched with fatigued pain. I tried not to squirm as I felt my body weaken, the room dull around me and something coppery tasting was filtered into my mouth like a baby with a bottle. It took a minute for my throat to stop spasming and accept what was being given to it.

        "There, there...You're fine now...Get some rest, and we'll see you on the other side angel..." It was then how much I realised I was super exhausted. I fell into a deep sleep with a soft, familiar hand clutching mine, and the thought of how comforting, how soothing, the voice was. I fell asleep with the knowledge that I'd survived, and I would be ok...

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