Teenage Dirtbag

She told herself that she didn't want a perfect relationship, she just wanted adventure because she didn't want to waste her teenage years being boring. So along came adventure with a bad attitude.


1. Prologue

I stood behind the cash register of the small gas station, stuffing my face full of chips as I waited for my shift to be over. I saw my parents sitting in the car waiting for me to get out of here and join them in a family get together, oh the fun. I rolled my eyes thinking about how my father is going to walk in here in a minute and hand me clothes to change into in the tiny bathroom because my parents thinks ladies should only wear skirts or dresses and not fucking jeans. When my eyes dart up at the clock I realize that I only have one minutes left so I pull off my stupid gas station shirt with my name on it because I have a band t-shirt underneath it. I hear the door open and I open my mouth to tell my father that I refuse to wear a skirt when I notice it's not my father, it's a boy. A snapback is on his head covering his blonde hair, he's got a skateboard in his hand and a backpack on. I'm practically drooling over this boy but I snap out of it when I hear someone say, "Alex, your shift is over you can go."

I look over to see Tom standing next to me, "Okay, bye." I say quickly as I walk around the counter and head for the doors. I notice my father getting out of the car just as I push the door open.

"Alex." An unfamiliar voice says in my ear as I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders, "Cute name."

I turn my head to the left to see the blonde haired boy next to me, his ice blue eyes pierce into mine and I'm starting to melt under his touch. "Hello." My voice comes out in a whisper and I mentally slap myself for acting this way in front of an incredibly hot boy. 

"What the hell are you doing with my daughter." My father's voice booms through the parking lot and I notice that he's standing right in front of us.

The boy pulls his arm away from me and holdings it up in surrender, "I was totally not trying to fuck your daughter, sir!"

My jaw drops and I try to hold back a laugh at the way he talked to my father. "Get the hell out of here." My dads face is red with anger; his eyebrows furrowed.

"Fine, let's go baby." The boy grabs my hand and starts walking away.

"Leave my daughter." My father's teeth are grinding together.

"But maybe she wants to go with me? Maybe she wants to get away from you for awhile? Sir, I can promise that she'll be in very good hands."u

"I suggest you go before I call the cops or something."

The boy let's go of my hand, backing away towards my parents car where my mother is located. My eyes pull together in confusion. "There's no need to do that sir!" He chuckles as he pretends to trip over a rock and accidentally runs his skateboard into the car, scratching it up and possibly needing a new paint job now. I let out a loud laugh, making my father stare at me in shock and the boy gives me a smirk.

I see my mother getting out of the car and the boy seems to notice but he doesn't move. "Who do you think you are?" She's pissed.

"Niall Horan." He chuckles a bit and brings his attention back to me, walking towards me and grabbing my hand. "Let's leave baby." He starts to run and I follow without looking back at my parents.

"I'm going to die when I get home!" I tell him as I let out a loud laugh.

"I'll probably get the cops called on me." He chuckles. "But I don't give a fuck because they'll never catch me."

After awhile we stop running and decide to catch our breath. "Where are we going?"

"Just follow me sweetheart."

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